Pet Identification Options

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If you live in a big city and your pet has the tendency to slip by and wander around the neighborhood you might know how difficult it is to get him back. The city is confusing for us sometimes; imagine how your pet feels, so there are some pet identification options that will help him find his way back home.

We see posters with lost pets all the time, but if you take precautions and think of this possibility before it actually happens, you won’t have to go through the stress and panic that come with the loss of a pet.

Dog Licenses

If your pet is a dog then he probably has to be licensed as a way of keeping their records and knowing where to take him if he’s lost. These work as a form of ID and you should check how they work in your area because it’s not always the same.

Usually a metal tag is issued with a unique number and you just have to place that on the collar. This allows the authorities to find out the home and owners of the pet so it makes bringing him back much easier.

ID Tags and Collars

The personalized tags are also a great help if someone else finds your pet and since they come in such a large variety they act as accessories at the same time. If you write something on the pet collar that should be a phone number where you can be reached instead of the pet’s name or other such thing, because the pet won’t care.

Micro Chip ID

Finally the microchip is an alternative way of implementing an ID onto the pet and it is growing in popularity due to its usefulness. The microchip has the size of a grain of rice and it is injected by a veterinarian underneath the skin between the shoulder blades. It’s not more painful than a simple shot and it only takes a few seconds.

These microchips require you to have the pet registered beforehand and they can be scanned to identify the pet. Most kennels use them and thus they have ways of scanning your own pet. An interesting and possibly useful advantage to these chips is that you could get a pet door that will only activate for your own pet to prevent other animals from coming into your home.

In the end a combination of these three methods works best to make sure that you will always get your pet back at your side.

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