Pet First Aid Basics

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Pets like to wander and discover new things, but some of these things might be harmful to them so you should always be prepared to face some of the most common emergencies that could come up and we offer here the pet first aid basics that everyone should know.

The first thing you should check is how bad the situation is and whether you know how to handle it or if professional help is needed. If things aren’t really that bad then you should also remember that the condition might make the pet unstable and unpredictable, so approach him with care.


If you see wounds on the body check out their shape, if they are swollen and there are two round wounds then they might be snake bites. If this is the case you should tie the area surrounding the wound with a belt or ribbon to prevent the venom from spreading and it might help to take a picture of the snake or spider because it would determine the cure needed. Then you should transport the pet to the veterinarian A.S.A.P.


The cuts or lacerations that are bleeding require you to take a clean cloth and apply it directly to the wound to reduce the bleeding. Once the bleeding stopped you should clean the wound with water and antiseptic and only after this step should you bandage the area. The bandage has to be changed often to make sure the wound doesn’t get infected and if it is very deep it might require stitches.


If you know that the pet ingested something and cannot swallow it then open the pet’s mouth and see if you can’t remove the object. If this isn’t the case you should slap your pet on the back between the shoulder blades. The Heimlich maneuver is the last resort, – hold the waist and place a fist behind the ribs after which you press the abdomen a few times with rapid pushing motions. A vet should see the pet afterwards for other possible injuries.

Extreme frost

If the pet was outside in really cold weather for a long time then frostbite might be a problem and you will notice it through the bluish paws and tail as well as the really cold body temperature. Start a bath with warm water and submerge the body into it. If a bath is not an option, an extensive massage with a warm blanket should also do the trick.

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