How To Care For Your Rabbit

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how to care for your rabbit

Rabbits are hopping little creatures who make great pets. Especially if you’ve got kids. While they’ll be super excited for their new pet, you might want to take into the account some facts about how to care for your rabbit.

Bunnies might be wonderful little creatures, but you’ve got to expect spending some time, energy and money for everything to be alright with your new pet. Read more to know what to expect from owning a pet rabbit, from choosing one to foods and toys and training.

How To Care For Your Rabbit

Before taking the decision to buy a pet rabbit, make sure that that’s exactly what you want. Owning a rabbit is not for everyone, as cute and adorable as they may be. They have a long life span so be prepared to care for them for a while. So think long term about that.

Rabbits are high maintenance and they require a lot of routine veterinary care, so make sure you are prepared for it.

Choosing a Rabbit

Besides the choice regarding the breed of the rabbit, there is one important thing you need to be careful with. Choosing a healthy rabbit. Take a good look at the rabbit you’re considering for obvious signs of disease or other health related issues.

That way you can avoid rabbits with obvious health problems and the decision will save you a lot of time and heartaches in the future.

Cage and Toys

Another important part of rabbit care is choosing the right cage. First, it should be easy to clean, as this will prove to be the most important issue in the future, so make your work easier from the beginning. Bedding and litter choices are also important with respect to the same ease of cleaning.

The cage should be spacious enough and should provide an easy way for your rabbit to get it and out, making your lives together much better.

Also, don’t forget about the toys. Rabbits are very active, curious and playful creatures, so they need a lot of activities and toys to keep them occupied and in good mental health.

Food, Grooming and Health

Regarding food, while there are a lot of options of quality rabbit pellet, that’s not enough for a healthy bunny diet. They love fresh vegetables. Grass hay is also an important part of their diet, so make sure you provide it for them. A good and balanced high fiber diet will keep your rabbit healthy.

A bunny needs regular grooming to keep their fur coat and skin nice and healthy.

In the health department, your pet rabbit will need regular vet check-ups and a life including a good diet and a lot of exercise and fun activities. Depending on the case, spaying or neutering your bunny will be important as well.

Training and Behavior

Your kids might love them because they’re so cute and adorable and fun to play with, but you might hate them because of some of their behaviors. Chewing stuff – without bunny making any difference between your stylish furniture and a stick in the backyard – is one of their favorite activities. And then add some digging around.

So make sure you bunny proof your house and arm yourself with patience. Rabbits are trainable, but it will take some time to see any changes, so make sure you’re ready for the challenge.