Hamster Bedding – Our Complete Guide To The Best Available To Buy

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best hamster bedding

Thinking of gifting your child—or yourself—a small pet hamster? Then it’s time to get the house hamster friendly, and this includes getting the best hamster bedding in place.

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Hamsters typically live in the wild and like to build their own nests. When it’s time to sleep they find a spot in the ground—they dig around in it and their bed is ready!

We’re sharing this information with you, so you choose the best hamster bedding that resembles its most natural sleeping environment—or at least something close it. Only then are you guaranteed a healthy and happy hamster.

Not sure what to look for? In this review we’ll let you in on the features that matter to these little animals so you get it right.

Best Hamster Bedding

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Buyer’s Guide


Before we get into the details of the bedding, let’s first discuss the type of hamster as this will largely determine the bedding you select. In case you weren’t aware, hamsters come in different breeds from Chinese to Syrian—all with distinctive traits. Different hamsters use different materials to build their nests or beds, mostly depending on the environment. We’ll highlight a few examples:

Syrian Hamsters

These are typically found in hot and dry environments. Naturally they prefer cool sandy spots to sleep in. As a result they’re most likely to dig very deep into the ground to attain this. Make sure you pick bedding that’s light and cool.

Campbell Russian

These hamsters usually live on dry grass so the nests are usually lined with grass. If this is the type you have you should make sure their bedding includes some dry grass.

Chinese Hamsters

What you should know about this type is in cold environments they enter into a deep sleep. So you might want to keep the bedding area slightly warm so they don’t think it’s time to hibernate.

Material Used

Now that you know the type of hamster, we’ll discuss how to select the material. Here are some factors to consider when shopping around.


You’ll agree to get a good night’s sleep you want a bed which is as comfortable as possible. Well, same applies to hamsters. Though the bedding should by all means replicate the hamster’s natural environment it must also be comfortable. Some materials—for instance those made of cellulose fibers—are extremely soft and therefore a good pick.


Whatever bedding you decide on, make sure it features absorbent properties to keep those nasty smells at bay. Opt for materials particularly designed to soak up liquids to ensure a clean and odorless environment. This significantly reduces the number of times you have to clean the bedding or replace it.

Toxin Free

Hamsters are known for their love of nibbling on anything insight—bedding included. You need to invest in bedding which is free from potentially harmful dyes and inks.

While on the subject of toxins, steer clear from scented bedding. Sure, it might smell nice for you—but it may be too strong for the hamster and may result in breathing problems.


Though the bedding must be practical it’s okay to pick colorful bedding to brighten up its sleeping space. What you must make sure of is the bedding has been made using pet safe dye. Not only will this not cause the color to run but it won’t harm the hamster.


Your budget will ultimately determine the bedding you select. However we’d highly recommend you don’t go for the cheapest option as it’ll generally be of lower quality. Apart from questionable durability, it won’t have some of the necessary features such as efficient absorption abilities. This will just result in an uncomfortable and smelly cage.

Materials to Avoid

Though some materials may strongly resemble a hamster’s natural environment, they aren’t necessarily good for the hamster. The following should not be found in your hamster’s cage as they’re likely to do more harm than good:

Pine and Cedar Wood

Unfortunately this material tends to be abrasive. Also, over time it may splinter into small sharp pieces which may injure your hamster. The same wood, when exposed to urine, will give off toxic fumes that’ll in turn affect your hamster’s breathing.

Fluffy Bedding

For your fluffy pet, you might think fluffy bed is ideal because of its softness right? Well, not exactly. On the contrary most fluffy bedding comprises artificial fibers that are harmful if your hamster tries to eat them. Also bear in mind that these hamsters have very fragile legs which are likely to get tangled up in this fluffy bedding.


Some people use paper as a temporary form of bedding before the permanent bedding arrives. What you must know is this paper contains ink which will be also harmful when ingested. Plus since paper has no absorption capabilities whatsoever, you can expect a smelly bed.


Not only is this difficult to digest for your little hamster but it tends to get moldy over time.

Now let’s show you a few valuable options.

The Best Hamster Bedding Reviews

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This bedding was specifically designed for the small pets in mind—hamsters included. By picking this product you’ll get a combination of safety and comfort. Plus it’s not as expensive as other brands.

Is this paper bedding safe for your hamster? Absolutely. This bedding is made from pure and unbleached paper which has never been printed on.

Of importance to note is this bedding is said to expand up to three times in volume from its original packaged size. However a few users have found that not only is it loosely packed but it’s actually smaller than expected.

On the upside, it is relatively efficient at controlling odors thanks to the super absorbent properties. This particular product is made in the US and you’ll appreciate that it’s free from any harmful additives that may potentially harm your pet.

  • Very soft
  • Inexpensive
  • Dust free
  • Good odor control
  • Smaller than expected
  • Doesn’t expand

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Looking for bedding that’s effective at keeping the smells away? You can consider this brand which uses Ammonia Locker Technology on all their products. Plus it contains baking soda. The technology ensures that odors are quickly eliminated on contact with baking soda. As a result you can expect the bedding to be kept smelling fresh and clean.

Because of its efficient at odor control this will last you considerably long. Since you don’t have to constantly replace it, it’s also a cost-effective option.

Are you environmental conscious? Purchasing this product means you would have played your part in conserving the environment since the paper is biodegradable and recyclable. You’ll also appreciate that it’s very soft on your hamster’s little feet.

However on the downside you may notice that the litter in the bedding is pretty lightweight. Each time your hamster runs in and out of the cage you can expect a messy space.

  • Effective odor control
  • Soft
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Pricy

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Pick this bedding and you’ll get a cozy and clean bed for your little hamster. Like the Fresh News paper bedding, it’s also very effective at absorbing urine and controlling smells. Though the manufacturer claims it can neutralize ammonia odors for up to 14 days, that might not be the case. Unfortunately it doesn’t dry as quickly’ by remaining damp this negatively contributes to a smell.

On a positive note you’ll find that the bedding is dust free which is a plus. In addition, the bedding is quite soft, something your pet hamster will appreciate. Plus it has colorfast properties which are safe for your pet and it won’t stain the area.

While on the subject of safety, you’ll appreciate that this bedding has no chemical smells which is proof that there aren’t any used in its manufacturing.

  • Controls smells effectively
  • Dust free
  • Soft
  • Easy to change
  • Doesn’t dry quickly

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Here we have bedding which also eliminates your pet’s urine effects by suppressing the odor of ammonia. You’ll also find its absorption capabilities pretty good. The litter in this bedding can absorb up to three times your hamster’s weight in liquids. This will essentially take care of all pet urine or water bottle leaks, leaving a fresh and dry habitat.

Suffer from any allergies or respiratory tract infections? You might want to choose this bedding which is also dust-free for harmless cleaning. Also, this will result in a cleaner place for your pet to sleep in.

Is it easy to dispose of? Absolutely. This litter bedding is made of biodegradable material which means that when no longer in use you can simply throw it onto your compost heap. Convenient, right?

However it isn’t the softest brand on the market. Your pet hamster will likely feel like it’s burrowing into pieces of cardboard which may be slightly uncomfortable.

  • Expands up to twice its volume
  • Less expensive
  • Compostable
  • Fragrance free
  • Needs frequent changing
  • A bit stiff

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If you want value for your money you can consider this bedding which is large enough to cover a big space. Your pet hamster will have more than enough room to play in before turning in. It covers a space of up to 8” x 6” which in our opinion is quite impressive. Also, it’s weighty enough to avoid a mess during your hamster’s running around.

It has impressive absorption qualities which will keep the bedding area dry. One might argue it’s even more effective at absorption than other popular types such as pine shavings.

For you and your hamster’s safety, know that the hemp is grown without making use of any pesticides. And the best part is it’s a residual product meaning it makes for excellent compost when no longer in use.

For all these excellent features you just have to be prepared to spend a little extra compared to the average bedding.

  • Minimal smell
  • Easy to dispose
  • Dust free
  • Weighty
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to spread

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This is one of the most popular bedding litter options on the market—and with good reason. Carefresh products are normally made from scratch with pillow soft fluff specifically designed for pets. Though it’s high quality bedding, you won’t be spending much because it’s quite reasonably priced. And because it’s quite a large bag, it’s also a very economical option.

Not only is it comfortable but it also has ultra-absorbent properties to take care of those smells. Your hamster’s habitat will be kept smelling fresh for up to 10 days which is rather impressive.

Its huge drawing card is the litter is made of 100% natural fibers which is safe for small pets—and the environment too. Another upside of this natural fiber is that it repels fleas.

You’ll find this bedding relatively easy to clean and change. Plus you’ll appreciate that it’s not especially dusty—a bonus if you have any allergies.

The only downside to this brand is with time it may become coarse which becomes uncomfortable for your hamster.

  • Effectively controls odors
  • Affordable
  • Repel fleas
  • May harden over time
  • May cause your pet too sneeze

Final Words

For your cute little pet you’ll only want the best right?

All five are worth considering but I’d personally recommend the No products found.. After all, any product that actually does effectively keep urine smells under control is always a winner.

What we do like most about this bedding is it’s made of 100% natural elements making it a safer option.

Where will your hamster sleep tonight?

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