Best Dog Water Fountain: How to Choose the Perfect One

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Best Dog Water Fountain

Now, you have probably seen your pooch drink out of the toilet bowl enough times to question whether he or she actually needs fresh water. Well, regardless of what your dog’s behavior might indicate, your pup does need constant access to clean water.

Of course, if you are like most dog parents, then there is a good chance that you work all day. So, constantly filling up your pup’s bowl with fresh water can be a little tricky. This is where dog water fountains come in.

They make sure that your pooch has a constant supply of fresh water all day long. However, picking out the best dog water fountain isn’t as easy as you might imagine. To start with, there are quite a few models to select from.

Well, if you are looking to narrow down your options quickly and painlessly, then this is just the guide for you. Here you will be able to find out the right way to pick a great water fountain.

You will also be treated to a list of the top contenders. So, without further ado:

Best Dog Water Fountain

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Fountain Feature

The first feature to look at is how the water is being expelled from the fountain. Some have a spout-like projection which allows pups to drink from a stream of water. Others simply bubble up to the surface. Both types allow water to pool in a basin.

Now, the exact type that you decide on will depend on your pooch. See, if your pup is easily startled, then a spout-like fountain may put them off. On the other hand, if they enjoy drinking from taps or hoses, such a design might appeal to them.


Dog water fountains either have wells or reservoirs where the water is stored. What you need to be concerned with regarding these features is the capacity. Essentially, how much can each of these hold? As a rule of thumb, most dogs need to drink an ounce of water for every pound of water. They will need to consume this amount every day.

So, when looking at how much each reservoir or well can hold, there are a few points to consider. First, of course, would be just how much your pooch needs to drink each day. The second is how long you plan on being away from the house.

Understand, the longer that you are not at home, the greater the capacity of such reservoirs will need to be. So, if you are away for most of the day, then you will need a larger reservoir. If you monitor your pup’s water intake closely, though, a smaller unit will be fine.

Filtration System

Most dog water fountains are equipped with filtration systems. These are responsible for keeping your pup’s water clean and fresh. The type of filtration will largely depend on the make and model of the water fountain.

When examining these systems, there are few features to keep an eye out for. To start with, the systems should be completely safe. They will need to rely on natural mechanisms and shouldn’t add any chemicals or substances to the water.

Understandably, the filter should also be effective. This is particularly important if you tend to fill up your dog’s bowl or fountain straight from the tap. A good filter will be able to get rid of any dirt or contaminants that might be in the water.

Finally, the filter should be easily replaceable. Filters tend to lose their potency the longer that they are used. So, if you are planning on using the water fountain on a regular basis, you should make certain that you are able to swap out the filter without any problems.


Many dog water fountains rely on pumps to get the water circulating and moving around. As you can imagine, most pumps tend to make a noise. This, in many instances, is not ideal for pups as they tend to get rather startled by such sounds. Therefore, it is best to use a pump that is as quiet as possible.


The size of the fountain – at least the drinking bowl – isn’t just about how much it can hold. While this is certainly an important factor, you will also need to take your pup’s size into consideration. If your dog is of a smaller breed, then most water fountains will suit him or her well.

However, if your pooch is on the large side, then you are going to have to pay a bit more attention to the dimensions of the fountain. Always look at the height and width of a fountain and compare this to your dog’s size. This should provide you with a rough idea of whether it will be a good matchup or not.


The water fountains can be composed of either plastic, stainless steel, or ceramic, with plastic being the more common option. For the most part, the material doesn’t have too much of an impact on the actual performance of the water fountain.

However, stainless steel and ceramic bowls are seen as more hygienic, while plastic tends to be a cheaper option. As far as durability goes, plastic and stainless steel fountains can withstand the greatest amount of use and abuse.


It is important to keep in mind that the water that your pooch will be drinking will only be as clean as the water fountain itself. Therefore, if you want your pup to have constant access to fresh water, then you need to clean out the fountain. To keep hassle to a minimum, look for fountains that either can be placed in the dishwasher or cleaned easily.

Best Dog Water Fountain Reviews

This section will introduce you the perks and disadvantages of some of the top models in the market:

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This is an excellent option for dogs of all breeds and sizes. You will even find it quite suitable for households with multiple dogs. This is due to the size of the fountain as well as considerable capacity as well. This fountain can hold up to 1.3 gallons of water!

This is further improved by the fact that the built-in reservoir. Thanks to this feature, you will not have to refill the fountain nearly as often. At the same time, you can be certain that your pups are getting just as much water as they need. The stream is adjustable to better suit your pooch too.

The filtration system uses a carbon filter to keep the water fresh, clean, and free of odors. This will need to be changed every few weeks, depending on how often you use the fountain. The mechanism can either be cleaned by hand or taken apart and placed in the dishwasher.

The only real issue is that the drinking fountain does need to be cleaned fairly often. So, you may find yourself having to wash it out at least once a week and this can be a tad bit annoying for pet parents.

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One of the main perks of this drinking fountain is that it is incredibly quiet. The fountain is designed in such a way that the water gently trickles down from the spout into the bowl below. Therefore, if you are a pup that gets frightened easily, this fountain will be the best option.

Now, it should be noted that this drinking fountain will probably be most suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. A pooch with a larger snout might have some trouble drinking water from this. The good news, though, is that it can hold up to 2 liters of water. This ensures that your pooch can stay hydrated all day long.

The other advantage is that the drinking fountain relies on a dual filtration system to keep your pup’s water clean. The system is composed of both mechanical and chemical filtration. The mechanical element consists of a foam filter that prevents fur and dust from entering the pump. The chemical portion uses carbon and charcoal to improve the taste and odor.

This fountain is also easy to maintain. Since it is made from ceramic, it doesn’t get dirty easily. Furthermore, since there are only a few parts, it is a breeze to disassemble the fountain and clean it out.

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This is a water fountain that works well for pups of all sizes. So, even if you have a house full of different breeds of dogs, this fountain will work well for all of them. To top this off, the tank is able to hold almost three liters of water. As a result, there is no need to keep topping this fountain up too often.

The filtration system is also top-notch on this fountain. It uses a charcoal filter along with a sponge to keep dust, debris, and fur out of your pup’s water. Furthermore, the water is constantly circulating from the tank to the filtration system, and then back out again. This means that your pooch’s water will always be fresh.

The other benefit is that this dog fountain is made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic. It is also dishwasher-safe. So, keeping it clean is virtually no effort at all. As long as you switch out the filter every two to four weeks and clean out the tank every two weeks, the fountain will be as clean as a whistle.

The only real issue with this water fountain is that it does make a bit of noise. Now, there is a good chance that your pooch will simply get used to the sound. If you do have a skittish pup, though, they may be hesitant to drink from the fountain at first.

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This is a water fountain that is really best-suited to smaller pups. Those in the small-medium range may be able to drink out of it very well. Unfortunately, the design is as such that it may not be a good fit for larger breeds. Still, the fountain is able to hold around 2 liters of water, ensuring that your pup has enough water at all times.

However, you will be pleased to learn that this is actually an aesthetically pleasing fountain. So, you can keep it anywhere in your home and have it blend right in. Not to mention, it is quite easy to maintain as well. Since the plastic is dishwasher safe, there is no effort involved at all.

It is also virtually undetectable as far as sound is concerned. So, even the most cautious pooch isn’t going to have any reservations drinking from it. Not to mention, the sound will not be annoying to you either!

As for the filtration system, this dog water fountain uses a charcoal filter that gets rid of toxins as well as unpleasant odors and tastes. The filter may need to be replaced around once or twice a month, depending on how often you use it.

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If you want to make sure that your pup gets fresh water all day long but don’t want to risk spooking him or her, this is the fountain for you. Here, the water gently bubbles up from underneath the reservoir. Therefore, there is no gushing water to scare your pup.

To add to this, the water fountain is also fairly quiet due to this mechanism. Neither you nor your pooch will be able to hear the water bubbling up. The reservoir can hold up to 2 liters of water, so it works well even if you are gone all day long. Your pup is sure to have a continuous fresh supply of water.

It is fairly easy to see when you need to top up the reservoir since there is a level on the side that indicates the amount of water still there. This way, you never have to worry about your pooch going thirsty. Furthermore, the replaceable carbon filter keeps the water that is flowing through clean and fresh.

Now, since this drinking water fountain is largely dishwasher safe, this makes maintenance rather simple. The only problem is that re-assembling the fountain can be a bit tricky to manage. So, this may take some time to get used to it.

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This water fountain also relies on water bubbling up from the bottom. Due to this, your pup shouldn’t have any trouble at all getting used to it. What’s really great about this fountain, though, is that there are three modes to select from with the water flow. Therefore, you can adjust it according to you and your pup’s needs.

Furthermore, the reservoir can hold up to three liters of water! So, if you need a water dispenser to tide your pooch over for quite a while, this is it. Not to mention, it works really well for households with multiple pups as well, since it won’t be running out anytime soon.

Another excellent feature of this fountain is the many layers of the filtration system. While it does largely rely on the carbon filter to get rid of dirt and tastes, the filter mesh adds a further level of safety. So, you can be absolutely certain that your pooch is drinking the cleanest water possible.

The only real complaint regarding this fountain is the cord length. It is rather short and thus, limits just where it is that you can place the water dispenser in your home.

Now, there are a few truly outstanding designs in this list that push them a bit ahead of the rest. If you want a spout-like water fountain, then the PetSafe Drinkwell model will be the one for you. It has a large reservoir, excellent design, and is adjustable to boot. If you would prefer a pooling feature, though, the HoneyGuaridan should be your go-to model. It is quiet, provides your pup with all the water he needs and is incredibly sanitary as well.

This concludes the guide on the best dog water fountain. Hopefully, this will lead you to choose a make and model that is ideal for your household.

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