Dog Clippers for Poodles: Things to Know for the Dog Owners

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Best Dog Clippers For Poodles

Poodles are beloved for their fluffy, curly and dense fur. As lovely as poodle fur can be, trimming to prevent matting can be a nightmare without the right type of clipper. The average dog clipper may not necessarily work on the unique coats poodles have. Consider this article a thorough guide for choosing the best dog clippers for poodles.

Best Dog Clippers for Poodles

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Do Poodles Need Special Dog Clippers?

Dog clippers are usually available in generic varieties. That is, you will see most clippers as advertised for “all types” of fur. But just like human hair, doggie fur can differ in thickness, curliness, and roughness. So, you do need to purchase poodle clippers instead of generic products for your dog.

Poodles need clippers with sharp blades that can easily cut through rough fur. Now, you won’t find poodle-specific clippers that easily. You should look for dog clippers recommended for small to medium sized dogs for the best results.

Types of Features to Look for in a Poodle Clipper

Purchasing a poodle clipper isn’t organic chemistry. However, most buyers seem to miss out on certain important qualities. Don’t make those common mistakes and watch out for the following features:

Size of Blade

The clipper blade sizes are categorized by numbers, representing the parts of your pet’s body you can trim using the blade. For example, you need different sizes of blades to trim facial fur and flank fur.

For poodles, blades in sizes 10, 15, or 30 are recommended. Size 10 is quite versatile, as you can use it to trim parts of the body and also face. You can refer to manufacturer recommendations as to the size of the blade and which grooming styles it is used for.

Don’t judge the clipper blade by how big or small it is. Refer to the standardized size, as mentioned above, to choose the right clipper for your dog’s breed and size.

Noise Level

Grooming sessions are quite stressful for some dogs. That’s mainly because of the noise from electric grooming devices. Purchasing a low-level dog clipper is, therefore, necessary to not freak out your dog during the trimming.

Most brands would advertise “low noise” clippers for poodles. Such claims can be quite subjective. To understand how “low noise” a clipper truly is, refer to the noise in decibel counts.

The best whisper-quiet clippers come in decibels ranging from 50 to 60. 50 decibels sound about as loud as a conversation at home or a quiet suburb. At 60 decibels, an electronic device sounds like a conversation in a restaurant, or an air conditioner blasting at 100 feet.

When it comes to noise levels, the lower is better to ensure your dog’s health. If possible, look for low noise clippers paired with low vibration levels for optimal care.

Cordless Vs. Wired

Dog clippers are available with a cord or without one. Recently, cordless dog clippers have gained some momentum. Groomers prefer cordless clippers because you can move the trimmer any way you like on your pet’s fur.

Also, cordless clippers don’t get as hot as corded ones. The motor inside wired trimmers can get hot within two hours or more. The same thing doesn’t happen to corded varieties, as the clipper exhausts the available energy levels.

If you prioritize convenience, you might be better off with corded clippers. Wired clippers are best if you want to groom your pet for a long time, with rests in between of course.

Style of Handle

The appearance of the clipper handle might not be the first thing you check when choosing poodle clippers. But do pay attention to how the handle is shaped. Does it look like it’s easy to handle?

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome or easy-to-fatigue wrists, you might want to choose clippers with an ergonomic handle. It simply means the handle has been designed to be easy to hold, especially for people with wrist problems.

Comb Attachments

Some clippers come with a number of comb attachments. Not all poodle groomers require these, but if you do, don’t forget to check out what’s in the package.

Combs for clippers come in sizes. You will need to use several of these to remove the matted elements from fur before your poodle is ready for grooming.

Kits Vs. Single Clippers—Is One Better Than the Other?

When you browse for dog clippers, you will see that some are available in kits, while others come as single dog clippers and nothing else. Prices can vary, though the kits typically cost more. Is it worth to spend a bit more on poodle clipper kits?

It really depends on the grooming supplies you need. Do you need a pair of scissors and combs in addition to the clipper? If that’s the case, you can consider purchasing a kit right away.

If you don’t want blade oil and a blade brush, then paying for the single clipper is the most sensible. Unless you lack supplies, there’ no need to pay extra or the kit.

Best Dog Clippers for Poodles Reviews

Scroll down below for several suggestions for dog clippers suited for poodles:

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Andis is a well-known brand name in the dog grooming world. The UltraEdge Super is a versatile clipper that comes with a size 10 blade. This type of blade is commonly used to poodles and poodle-mixes full-body trims.

The manufacturer offers a number of features for the blade alone. The blade is additionally hardened to make the sharpness last longer. The metal has a chrome finish to inhibit corrosion (though it is not completely stainless).

The point is, the blades remain quite sharp even with long users. Poodles are infamous for their fluffy but dense fur. The sharpness of the blade on this clipper is recommended for trimming the poodle evenly and efficiently.

The clipper has both high and low speeds for trimming different parts of the body. The blades are suited for trimming face, throat, cheeks, and base of the tail. The clippers come in a break-resistant housing, promising long hours of grooming.

The clipper is relatively noiseless to assure comfortable grooming sessions that won’t make your poodle panic. It has a locking switch to prevent accidental shut-offs, too. And the blade is detachable for cleaning afterward.

It should be noted that there are no fans or vents in the clipper. That makes the housing lightweight and easy to carry. But it also means the clippers get hot quite fast. You may have to rest the clipper during grooming sessions to let it cool off.

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The Oneisall dog clippers come in a grooming kit. So in addition to the electric clipper, you also get a blade brush, a pair of grooming scissors, and four guard combs of differing sizes (3,6,9, and 12mm exactly). The price of the whole package is surprisingly affordable.

These clippers are designed for a variety of dog coats. It’s versatile and should work on standard poodle coats without an issue. The only exception is if your poodle’s coat is fairly matted. If so, don’t expect these clippers to hold on.

The biggest selling point of these clippers is that the machine can work with absolutely minimal noise. The operations shouldn’t freak out the poodle. However, the clippers do give out minor vibrating sensations some dogs don’t like.

The clipper in the set is wireless. It has a charging code, which you can remove when grooming your dog. That’s a small bit of extra convenience for at-home groomers.

The blade in the clippers is detachable and is made from stainless steel. It won’t corrode and is relatively easy to remove and clean off. The blades are sharp out of the package, read to cut though kinky poodle fur.

If your dog has slightly long fur, the manufacturer recommends using the scissors to trim the length first. Then you should use the trimmer to apply the grooming style you want.

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Wahl’s famous dog clipper Arco comes in a 5-in-1 kit. That is, you get 5 blade sizes in one clipper: sizes 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40. You can use the varying blades on different parts of your poodle’s body for comprehensive grooming without needing additional clippers.

The Arco is cordless. It has a decent battery life that can last up to 8- minutes. The clipper takes about 75 minutes to charge, according to the manufacturer. The motor inside doesn’t require any additional maintenance.

Wahl recommends this clipper to be used with small to medium-sized dogs, such as Bichons, terriers, and spaniels. Poodles are not exactly specified, but if it works for Bichons, it works for poodles as well.

The whole clipper is quite lightweight and has an ergonomic handle to comfortably fit in hand. Groomers who suffer from numb hands might be able to benefit from this ergonomic feature.

The clippers can work relatively coolly. This is important. Otherwise, you might have to interrupt the grooming session to change blades or allow the clipper to cool.

The clippers come with a quiet motor suited for use with nervous poodles. The blades are fairly sharp and durable. However, the blades can be quite fragile too. The combs are highly unlikely to survive a fall. The blades have plastic tabs that are easily breakable.

This kit is quite expensive compared to the average poodle clipper. But for the price, you will get attachment combs, a cleaning brush, and blade oil.

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This budget-friendly dog clipper set doesn’t really look impressive compared to pricier counterparts. However, the corded, low-noise clippers have a surprisingly great chance of cutting through the thick, dense fur on poodles and poodle mixes.

The clippers have a Li-ion battery inside with a 2000mAh capacity. The manufacturer says the clipper can work up to 7 hours. Don’t count on it; at most this works for about 2 hours nonstop and takes about 3 hours to charge. That’s not a bad thing—the clippers don’t become burning hot in 2 hours.

The clippers are marketed as “ultra quiet.” It emits some noise between 50 to 60 decibels, so you can consider it relatively quiet. At least, quiet enough not to make a pet panic.

The blade on the clipper has 33 teeth. Relatively sharp, the blade is designed to get through thick forests of fur. But don’t use the clippers on matted hair without combing and trimming using scissors first. The blade isn’t designed to eliminate matting.

Despite the low price tag, the clipper comes with a lever and different guards. That’s another surprise for poodle groomers who want to keep blade clips intact during grooming sessions. The handle also offers solid maneuverability.

Overall, this poodle clipper would suit home groomers on a budget the most. It’s doesn’t have any fancy features but covers all the basics groomers need.

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The Bousnic dog clipper kit comes with 4 combs. The sizes are 3, 6, 9, and 12mm respectively. The kit includes other necessities like a blade brush, scissors, and a stainless steel comb. It’s safe to say this is near complete as a grooming kit you can purchase under $100.

Like most high-end dog clippers, this brand offers low-noise operation. In addition to the lack of whirring sound that might startle your dog, it offers low vibration levels as well. If your poodle hates feeling vibrating clippers on the skin, this product might help your pet to like grooming sessions a bit more.

The cordless clipper can work up to 2 hours. The li-ion battery has a capacity of 2,200mAh and charges via USB. Unlike corded clippers, this one is less likely to get heated quickly.

The handle of the clipper has a useful battery indicator with a large display. The clipper has a “turbo” mode, which makes the blades turn faster for a quicker grooming session. The turbo mode might help you get through matted fur.

But don’t count on it. The brand recommended using the combs to get rid of matted areas to ensure the clipping session runs smoothly.

Interestingly, this clipper comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Conditions do apply, though.

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The PetTech dog clippers are not for poodles per se. The manufacturer says the clipper is designed for all coat types, even the kinky fluff of poodles and similar breeds.

This dog grooming kit is not only affordable but includes a number of must-have grooming supplies. You can get two scissors, four guide combs, a styling comb, and even a nail clipper. It’s promoted as a complete set that even professionals use.

You should probably comb your poodle’s fur before using the clippers. The blade size isn’t specified but is recommended for longish hair.

The standard fare of benefits these clippers offer includes quiet operation, comfortable grip, and a battery that recharges quickly. The grooming kit can do what the brand calls a “skin friendly.” It means the operation is low-vibration to make the poodle comfortable.

The blades are adjustable and allow for precision cuts. The combs are contoured, so they don’t pull on rough and wild strands of fur. The aim here is to make the grooming session as comfortable as possible for your pet.

Fair warning; don’t buy this clipper hoping for high-end specs. It doesn’t have any. Rather, you will get standard fare functionality for the occasion trimming at home.


While the above reviews include a number of excellent products, the best poodle clipper you can buy right now is most likely the Andis UltraEdge Super. It’s not cheap, but it has the right blade, the right handle, and the right amount of noise to make poodle grooming as convenient as possible.

Oneisall is a close runner up. The brand specializes in minimal noise clippers with durable blades. And the price is affordable as well.

Of course, a different product might suit your individual needs as a poodle owner. Go over the reviews and the tips provided above, and you should be able to choose the ideal poodle clipper.

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