12 DIY Hamster Cage Projects to Completely Transform Your Pet’s Home

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DIY hamster cages

Are you tired of boring or non-functional hamster cages? If so, you have come to the right place! Here you will find plenty of ideas and projects to completely renovate your hamster’s home.

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These DIY hamster cage ideas will have you grabbing your tool belt in no time at all. Check out some of the more creative ideas for your furry friend below;

Bin Cage

Do you want to build a great hamster cage for your hammy but don’t have the DIY skills to do it? Well, with a bin cage, you won’t have to worry about it. For this project, all you really need is a large plastic storage bin (with a lid), some wire mesh, nuts and bolts, and hamster toys. It is as easy as that!

Aquarium Cage

Your hamster is so cute that you don’t ever want to let your furry friend out of your sight. A great way to have a 360° view of your hamster at all times is to build a cage out of an aquarium. As an added bonus, it is incredibly simple to set up and you can accessorize the cage any way you want.

Glass Display Case Cage

Speaking of being on display, if you really want to keep an eye out for your hamster but want to give it more room to play around, a glass display case can do just this. Best of all, if the display case is tall enough, it can actually be split in half to make separate homes for two hamsters! Just remember to keep it on a durable and stable surface.

Acrylic Cage

diy hamster cage

Source: saltymom.net

For the ultimate DIY hamster cage, all you really need is a tray as a base, acrylic sheets for walls, and rubber edge stoppers to hold the sheets in place. Yes, it really is as easy as that. Not only is this idea incredibly low-cost, but it also ensures that your hamsters are in full view at all times.

Converted Dresser Cage

diy hamster cage

Source: ethivierge

This drawer cage was originally built for a rat but it works just as well for hamsters. Best of all, you have to do very little work yourself since the main framework is simply an old dresser. With a few modifications like mesh doors and ramps, this will be the perfect home for your furry friend too!

Coffee Table Cage

Continuing with the trend of reused furniture, did you know that you can turn your old coffee table into a hamster cage? Simply hollow out an appropriate coffee table until you are left with the main structure. Then add Perspex windows and doors so that you can check in on your hamster whenever you want.

Open Air Cage

In case you want your hamsters to have a little more breathing room, you can build a cage that is made up entirely of mesh with wooden supports. This way, your pets will have plenty of ventilation. Believe it or not, this is a project that can be completed within a very short time since it is so simple!

Dollhouse Cage

Source: 2rainonme

In case you aren’t a fan of cutting and hammering, a dollhouse will provide you with a ready-made foundation. Just make sure it is big enough for your hamster to comfortably move around. Now, this particular project uses mesh, however, you can also use plexiglass and simply drill in plenty of air holes for your pet.

Apartment Cage

If the idea of your hamsters living the high life thrills you, you should definitely consider building them an apartment. Since this project largely relies on a bookcase, you don’t actually have to do much work. It is simply a matter of cutting out space for a ramp and finding a way to keep your furry friends contained in their new digs.

Roomy Cage

 In case you simply want more space for your hamsters to wander around, then a large bookcase (or two bookcases combined) will work. You can then create a large horizontal area for your furry friends to amble through. All you need in addition to the bookcase is some glass, wood, mesh, nails, and aquarium glue.

Hamster Village Cage

diy hamster cage

Source: babblepie

Sometimes, you just need to go all out when building a hamster cage. So, why just stop at a cage? Why not create a mini-village for your pet? If you find this idea thrilling, it is the perfect project for you. Sure, it will take time, skill, and effort. However, the finished result will certainly be worth it.

So, there you have it, the DIY hamster cage project ideas that you should get excited about. Now, before you get to work, though, remember to share this page with someone else who might be looking for inspiration!