Costliest mistakes people make with their new puppy

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It’s easy to make the same mistake as everyone else, because everyone is doing it, you don’t realize you’re making mistakes. A lot of dog owner’s love enrolling their new puppy into dog training classes or something similar. The concept behind this thinking is to own a well-rounded dog that they can show off to their neighbors and friends.

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Would you do this if you were aware that this method will eventually:-

a) Cost you hundreds of dollars
b) Doesn’t guarantee you’ll achieve a desired result
c) All your taught is to follow commands
d) The environment is sterile
e) You’re not taught how to become the pack leader

Training schools are excellent for socialization and that’s only if it’s done correctly otherwise your new puppy could end up worse for wear.

Every new puppy needs the best start in life

I want to share this email with you because it could save you a lot of grief, and it could prevent you from wasting your money and time. Here is her excerpt:

“I bought a new puppy last year; she is happy and generally well-behaved. I enrolled her onto a training school; she did respond very well; however, one year on her behavior is starting to become concerning. In short here are some of her behaviors…

– Her biggest problem is barking and growling; she barks and growls at nothing. Anything will set her off; the list is endless; it could be the birds, the neighbors, people talking, tress rustling, the wind, other dogs, cats, kids toys, lawnmower; in fact, anything imaginary. My dog becomes fixated, which creates never-ending barking and growling. She wants all the attention, and she’ll do anything to get it such a nip, growl or bark, etc. She tends to do this to those she knows otherwise she’ll be the sweetest little pup ever.

– She will follow me everywhere around the house. – She won’t chill or relax.

– I can’t put her outside because all she’ll do is bark, and this annoys the neighbors. All this is very taxing and draining on me and my family. I would love to enjoy her, so I was wondering if you could help me before I give her up.”

Many thanks

Naomi Wake and my puppy Lola

Understanding and tackling dog behavioral issues correctly

In actual fact, this issue could have been prevented, unfortunately the owner and her new puppy were not taught the importance of pack leadership. When a dog begins barking, growling, nipping, following the owner and is not relaxed etc, the dog has become the pack leader and naturally wanted to protect.

We shouldn’t just be focusing on commands only; yes, they’re fun and create bonding, but dog owners and their dog need to understand pack leadership. Some people call this alpha training, but this can be taken wrongly such as lording, controlling or bullying the dog. Pack leadership is all about love and respect, using operant or positive reinforcement skills.

A dog needs to learn to switch off even when the postman knocks on the door. This can only be achieved when a dog knows who the leader is.

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