Cat Is Having Trouble Urinating, What Should You Do?

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There are many common urinary problems for cats so when your cat is having trouble urinating, what should you do? In this article we will take a deeper look at this very frequent problem and some ways to solve it. You might be surprised to find that this is one of the main reasons why cats are abandoned by their owners since many are frustrated to have their house smell but you have to find out why this happens.

Main Reasons

Despite what some cat owners might think, cats do not urinate outside the litter box out of spite or due to some anger toward their owners. It is most frequently a sign of some health problems and thus it should be handled with care instead of anger.

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Cat Is Having Trouble Urinating, What Should You Do?

There are several medical issues that can cause urinary problems and the most common ones are feline lower urinary tract disease, urethral obstruction, diabetes and kidney disease. Among these, the first one can be caused by stress and if should be handled by a vet. It is actually a complex of diseases that can combine bladder infections, bladder stones, the inflammation of the bladder or even cancer of the lower urinary tract.

The urethral obstruction means that the cat is unable to urinate at all and is an extremely serious form of the urinary tract disease. It is caused when the cat hasn’t been able to urinate for a long time and because of this some urinary stones or crystals have become lodged in the cat’s urethra. This condition can be fatal so seek professional assistance as soon as you notice that the cat hasn’t been peeing for long and they keep visiting the litter box in vain.

Arthritis or other movement impairing problems can also cause difficulty when trying to enter or exit the litter box so in those cases adjusting it to your cat’s needs will solve the problem.

Ways of Caring

Detecting the problem is the first and most important step when you want to solve this issue and regular veterinary visits will ensure it isn’t a medical condition. Cats don’t like to show that they are vulnerable so it is often difficult to discover the symptoms and finding problems early is the best way of ensuring they won’t be dangerous.

Cat Is Having Trouble Urinating, What Should You Do?

The treatment for simple cystitis can be antibiotics but if you have to deal with bladder stones then surgery might be required and this means that the cat will have to be sedated.

To prevent conditions like cystitis you have to provide your pet with sufficient fresh water and with good quality food. If this problem persists the cat will require prescription food to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Nutrition can cause difficulties with urine control so check how much water your pet drinks. Cats are very picky about the water they drink and you should check this frequently. Only after ensuring that the problem isn’t medical or caused by what they are eating should you move on to consider behavioral issues.

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