Cat Breeds Which Love to Snuggle

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Cat Breeds Which Love to Snuggle

Even if cats are considered to be selfish and independent that is only a misconception on what felines are all about. If you are a cat lover you know that the eyes of your pet do show their emotion and there are many other ways through which to find out how they feel. Their tail will show their disposition, the rubbing of their cheeks shows you they consider you their friend and just the fact that they will hang out with you means that you are special to them. Let us find out about the top ten cat breeds which love to snuggle!

10. Sphynx

Cat Breeds Which Love to Snuggle

Their lack of a coat makes this breed really special and it might seem odd that they would be on a list where we talk about snuggling. If you think about it though, the fact that they lack the protective fur means that they will be colder and thus require the interaction with other beings, making them one of the most affectionate cats you can find. Highly energetic, they love to attract attention and as they are highly intelligent they will require a lot of implication from the part of the owners.

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9. Maine Coon

Cat Breeds Which Love to Snuggle

One of the largest domesticated cat breeds in the world, this cat has some serious hunting skills and the “gentle-giant” is also a pleasure to hug and pet. They are intelligent and playful despite their size and they are great with other pets or children. They do have a tendency to keep their distance from strangers but in the family a Maine Coon is very affectionate.

8. Ragamuffin

Cat Breeds Which Love to Snuggle

They are renowned for being very docile and cuddly as they will relax completely when held in your arms. They are more intelligent than most cats and also really affectionate. They are a bit wary of strangers but will grow to accept them really quickly and if you have other pets in the house then they will become best friends.

They are heavier than many other cats and that is due to their thick fur which makes them a joy to pet. At the same time, they don’t require a lot of grooming which is kind of atypical for long-haired cats.

7. Selkirk Rex

Cat Breeds Which Love to Snuggle

Due to their special coat everyone is tempted to touch them and thus the Selkirk Rex have grown accustomed to being sociable and affectionate. They love to play and are extremely good with children as they will easily attach themselves to anyone they come in contact with.

There are two main versions of the Selkirk Rex: the curly haired one and the ones with straight hair and the length of their hair can also be long or short. You do need to do some research about how to groom them but since they are so caring it will be a pleasure for anyone to take care of such a special breed.

6. Himalayan

Cat Breeds Which Love to Snuggle

This is a sub-breed of the Persian cat that has the same long hair. The Himalayan comes with blue eyes and an independent personality. If you have had the cat since they were a kitten they will probably create a strong connection to you but if not they will just choose someone they like and be indifferent to everyone else.

There are some who offer attention to the entire family but they usually just have a single favorite human. They don’t require a lot of extra care and tend to let you know in a very diplomatic manner when something is required of you so it is easy to get along with a Himalayan.

5. Scottish Fold

Cat Breeds Which Love to Snuggle

These cats are extremely cute and they are also playful so they are a winning combination. They are recognized through the foldable ears that can lie on their front and make them look like an owl. The rare traits combined with their lovable nature means that they are very popular and they are thus more expensive than most other more common breeds.

They are good natured and tend to grow very attached to their caretakers as they are by their nature affectionate. They are easy to groom and very intelligent but loneliness depresses them so make sure you keep your pet entertained if you have one.

4. Birman

Cat Breeds Which Love to Snuggle

They have a pointed pattern and are really quiet, following their owner through the rooms and wanting to always be involved in the activities of the house. They are smart and curious but don’t make too much noise as their voice is really soft. They really enjoy to be held and to relax with you, an activity that should be pleasant for both parties due to their silky medium-long coat.

3. Persian

Cat Breeds Which Love to Snuggle

These long-haired cats now have a huge variety of coat colors and their face differs quite a lot too. It was the second most popular breed in the US in 2015 and they really love to stay close to their owner. They are generally very quiet cats and they don’t enjoy exploring as much as other cats so the indoor life suits them. Obviously, this means that they do well in apartments too and that is one of the reasons why they are so popular. They are placid in nature and adaptable but these traits depend on their sub-breed.

2. Ragdoll

Cat Breeds Which Love to Snuggle

Adorable with their blue eyes and distinct coat, this is quite a large cat but they are very docile and affectionate. Their name comes from the fact that the first specimens used to have a tendency to become limp and very relaxed when picked up. They start to purr in the first second you touch them and they get along very well with other pets.

They are considered to be “dog-like cats” since they like to follow people around and since they are so easy to handle. They love to stay in someone’s lap or just get petted for hours on end.

1. Tonkinese

Cat Breeds Which Love to Snuggle

These are the most social and playful cats and they are really lively. They will require a lot of attention on your part but will give you a lot of attention themselves and they get on really well with other pets. The pointed coat pattern is what distinguishes them and this can have a variety of colors.

Tonkinese are intelligent, active, people-oriented to the extreme and if you leave them alone they will easily grow bored. Their playful temperament means that it isn’t surprising to find a Tonkinese engaging in fetching, something you would probably expect from a dog, or jumping around a lot so make sure you can provide them with the needed attention if you get one.

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