Cat Bite Treatment Guidelines

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Cat Bite Treatment Guidelines

Domestic animals tend to bite sometimes and although most lesions are minor it is important to know the cat bite treatment guidelines to be prepared. Cat bites are less frequent than dog bites but when the cat feels agitated they might want to use their teeth.

Problems With Cat Bites

The problem is that cat bites can be highly infectious and the deeper the bite is the more chances are that it will become infected. The teeth of the cat are like needles and they can push bacteria deep into the flesh or tendons and this is why you shouldn’t just ignore them as you would do with a simple scratch since serious problems can arise.

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Cat Bite Treatment Guidelines

Even if the cat has all the shots taken it is important to monitor the wound and care for it properly but if you do that and you see that it starts healing then you don’t need to visit a doctor. Check for areas where the skin might have been broken and if there aren’t any then the bite is probably light enough so that you can clean it at home.

Cleaning Bites

Wash the bite thoroughly with soap and water to remove the bacteria and dirt, try holding it several minutes under water and if there is blood flowing you should try to squeeze it a bit so that the blood helps with the removal of the dangerous materials in the wound.

Disinfectant with a sterile cotton ball is recommended for cleaning the wound further and you have to wipe the area gently. Iodine, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide are all great to take care of any germs and this should be enough if the wound isn’t very severe.

One other thing you can do after this is to apply some antibiotic cream that has the purpose of preventing infections and you can find these at any drug store. Pay attention though that you get something that is useful and always read the instructions carefully. These aren’t recommended for infants or pregnant women so in those cases seeing a doctor is the best choice.

The last step is to protect the wound so that you keep any additional bacteria or dirt away as the area heals. For this you should cover the area with a clean band aid and if there is too much humidity on the wound you should probably dry it first to make sure that it will stay on the spot.

Cat Bite Treatment Guidelines

Medical Care

If the bites are on the face, or the puncture wounds are very deep and they keep bleeding or if some of the damaged tissue needs to be removed then seeing a doctor is the best choice since the complications are better to be avoided. Unvaccinated cats can transmit dangerous diseases so that is another reason to check the doctor.


If you learn to recognize the reactions of cats when they feel threatened then these bites should be much less frequent. Cats do this when they feel they have to defend themselves and they might hiss, growl or have their fur standing up in these situations. This means that you should give them some space and make them feel safe. Always be gentle with cats and try to be extra careful when interacting with stray cats because they are more predisposed to feel threatened by strangers.

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