Cat Bad Breath Home Remedy

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Cat Bad Breath Home Remedy

Cats are adorable creatures but their hygiene is the responsibility of their owner so here are our recommendations for a cat bad breath home remedy. Just as with us humans, dental hygiene is very important for the health of your pets and toothaches or plaque are frequent problems for your pets too. Even if you find some ways of refreshing your cat’s breath, it is essential to determine the cause of that smell so that the solution won’t be only a temporary one.

Causes and Symptoms

The odor might be only one of the symptoms if the cat has some dental disorders and you might also see things like redness and bleeding in the gum lines. The cat might constantly paw at the mouth trying to reduce the pain and they might also try to drink more water than they used to.

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Cat Bad Breath Home Remedy

Eventually you might even start observing that they stopped eating and this might be due to the pain or due to some food allergies.

If you notice some health problems it is important not to let them get too serious. Visit a vet and ask for their advice since they will probably give the pet some prescription and also teach you how to take care of their teeth properly.

Home Remedies and Prevention

Professional cleaning is really helpful but it also costs quite a bit and requires more time on your part so you will have to learn how to brush your pet yourself eventually. The special toothbrushes and toothpaste you can find at the pet store for your cat is very useful and you should do the brushing procedure daily if you can. This will reduce the amount of germs and will improve their overall dental condition.

Peppermint oil is rich in menthol and thus it will quickly refresh the breath of your cat while also having antibacterial properties that can destroy the bacteria which causes the smell in the first place. To add to that, it is also used to treat tooth cavities, although in most cases you will also need some professional aid for that. You can add this to your cat’s water (one tablespoon is enough) and there are also spray bottles you can buy. Spraying this once a week should do the trick.

Cat Bad Breath Home Remedy

Lemon juice is even easier to find than peppermint oil and it will also neutralize the odor due to the citric acid it contains. If the smell comes from wounds in the mouth it will also help heal them through the antiseptic properties it possesses but in case of serious injuries you might want to ask your vet first. A few drops in the pet’s water bowl will help prevent cavities and reduce the bad breath.

There are some vegetables that will have beneficial effects on the breath of your cat and they also ensure some vitamins so it’s a double win if you manage to integrate them into their diet. Parsley is the best one and you could make a tea out of some fresh sprigs or add it to their regular food. Carrots also help if you chop them into very small pieces and give some after the regular meal as treats.

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