Car Travelling With Dogs

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Car travelling with dogs can prove to be a difficult experience if you or your pet aren’t used to it so here are the things that will make it more pleasant and reduce the hassle to a minimum.

First of all you need to get your pet used to the vehicle and even if your dog seems to really love it in there you should never allow your dog free with their head out of the window or any other things like that. This can lead to a lot of harm in case of accidents and the dog can also cause accidents, so never allow your pet to roam through the car.

Pre-trip Checklist

Make sure you have everything you need before starting the trip. The most important things to remember are the ID tag, lead and collar, but other things are food, water and some bowls if the distance is long.

Don’t change the food you feed your pet while you travel because it might lead to bad reactions when combined with the motions from the car. Also bring blankets if the weather is cold, some waste disposal baggies and some washcloths because you never know when you’ll need them.

Crates or Other Restraints

Dog crates are designed specifically for travel purposes and if you buy one that is spacious enough for your pet then you will both feel better. Don’t take a crate that is too large because the car’s movements will make him feel worse and look for one that is well ventilated and built well.

If you have some reason not to want to get a dog crate there are other options like harnesses that act as a baby seat to restrain your dog. Other choices are barriers that secure dogs in open areas but you need to be careful to select one that suits your car’s interior and that can hold the weight of your dog.

Tips for the Road

If the trip is hours long remember that your pet is restrained and will need to move from time to time, not to mention possible potty breaks and some snacks. If you stop never leave your pet in direct sunlight for a long time because the temperature can do a lot of harm and make the trip worse for him.

If you notice that there are frequent problems of motion sickness to your pet or anxiety attacks then talk to your vet because there might be some medication that can help with that.

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