Can Rats Eat Oranges

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can rats eat oranges

You know that your pet rat enjoys experimenting new and exciting treats, and perhaps you asked yourself the following question: can rats eat oranges? And the answer is yes, if you are the owner of a female rat, and no, if you own a male rat. This article provides you with plenty of useful tips concerning a healthy diet for your favorite pet. Be sure to read along!

can rats eat oranges

A Healthy Diet for Your Pet Rat

We all know that in order for our pet to be healthy and full of life, a proper diet is the key. Rats really enjoy eating, and they are normally not picky when it comes to food. However, there are cases in which certain ingredients should be avoided, because these could harm their health. You can never know how your little pet might react.

Can Rats Eat Oranges – The Dangers

If you are the owner of a male rat, most specialists do not encourage feeding it oranges. The reason why this is not advisable is because it can cause kidney damage and even kidney cancer to your pet. This is triggered by the fact that oranges contain citrus juice, and citrus juice is rich in d-limonene. This particularity determines a certain protein present in your male rat’s kidney to develop, stimulating the possible growth of a tumor. Most people avoid feeding their male rat oranges.

Are There Any Parts of The Orange I Can Give to My Male Rat?

As indicated before, feeding your male rat oranges is discouraged because it can be really harmful for its kidneys. Nonetheless, the parts that can detriment your pet’s kidneys can be removed. Therefore, if you do wish to feed oranges yo the male rat, you need to remove the orange peel completely and also remove the entire skin that protects the inner part of the orange. That skin is bitter and can be extremely unpleasant for you rat. Moreover, it can choke on it.  Also, to prevent any choking hazard, remove all the seeds the orange might have and cut the fruit in tiny portions. Give it only 2 – 3 of these small bites to begin with.

If your rat really likes oranges, you should only give him these fruits for once or twice a week. Oranges are loaded with sugar and citrus juice which can harm your favorite pet’s health when given excessively.

Can Female Rats Eat Oranges

When it comes to female rats, it is fine for them to consume oranges, as they do not have the protein male rats have, which can determine kidney damage. Nonetheless, you should take into consideration the tips mentioned above: give it in small portions, and never too often! Once or twice a week is more than enough. Also, pay attention to your pet’s digestion. If the orange provokes diarrhea, you should stop feeding it this fruit.

How Much Should I Feed My Rat?

This question occurs often. Rats enjoy eating, and let’s admit it; you also enjoy feeding it a little exciting treats! It is fun to notice its reaction to new food and you love it! But at times, you might ask yourself: am I feeding my rat too much food? You might fear that your pet will become overweight. Don’t worry! This is not the case with rats. Rats are supposed to be self feeders. So, make sure to provide a bowl filled with dry food, which is at all times within its reach. Your pet will eat until its hunger is satisfied. With rats, there is no danger of over eating. Nonetheless, if you do notice your pet is getting a little chubby, you might reconsider its diet. Perhaps its food is high in fat, therefore making your pet to gain weight.

What Else Can I Feed My Pet Rat?

In order for your pet to benefit from a well-balanced diet, you ought to try offering it animal protein as well as plant protein in its daily diet. The rats are omnivorous animals. Moreover, at least three times a week, you should consider feeding it little fruit or vegetables treats such as strawberries, grapes (seedless), kiwi, peaches, avocado, broccoli, carrots and so on. These supply your pet with the vitamins and minerals it needs in order for it to be healthy and full of energy.









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