Can Rats Climb?

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can rats climb

Rats are agile little creatures that can put a lot of problems when inside our homes. Intelligent and resilient, they live in large communities and that can make a rat infestation hard to deal with. You might be wondering if rats can climb and get into your house in other ways than through the ground.

The correct answer to this question is a gray yes and no. Studies show that some type of rats are excellent climbers and can scale most types of surfaces, while others are large and slow and they’re not very good climbers.

Can Rats Climb?

The general idea is that rats cannot climb smooth surfaces like glass or some types of walls that have no furrows for them to hang on. They need uneven, bark-like surfaces with a rich texture for their little claws to cling on and be able to scale the walls.

That includes brick and wood surfaces, concrete walls, fences, pipes and other such surfaces. They can even climb a bed if they find something easy to hang their claws onto.

Some types of rates can even jump, so if they get a chance to do it by jumping on and off stuff left around, they can avoid smooth interior walls and still get where they want to go.

What can stop them?

If you’re wondering how you can stop rats from climbing into your house, there are a few ways to do that, but the main idea here is to try and keep your walls as smooth as possible and have no other climbable things left around for those little creatures to use and get in.

The easiest and most straightforward path into your house for a rat are several things stacked against your wall right next to a window or any kind of entrance. So try to keep your outside walls clean of any stuff laying around and giving rats the opportunity they wait for.

The biggest problem you need to take care is garbage. We all know that rats love garbage, or the food leftovers from the garbage, so having your trash bins as further away as possible from your home is a good idea to keep in mind.

Garbage bins attract rats and if the bins are right next to the walls of your house, that gives them even more chances to get inside your home.

If you’ve taken these prevention measures and still spotted a rat inside your home, it’s best you contact a rat control service, so they can deal with the problem and decontaminate your place.

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