Can Rabbits Eat Grapes

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Can Rabbits Eat Grapes

Rabbits love treats and grapes are an all-time favorite! But can rabbits eat grapes? Is it safe to feed your rabbit fruits like grapes every day or only some times? These are questions many rabbit owners wonder about. In this article, we have found great information to these questions.

can rabbits eat grapes

Can rabbits eat grapes?

Grapes are okay to be given to your rabbit once in a while, like a treat in small amounts. However, you shouldn’t consider them safe to be given as a meal or even regularly. A few grapes occasionally would generally not harm your pet rabbit.

Benefits of eating grapes

Grapes are very popular fruits in all parts of the world. Apart from being eaten as a delicious fruit, grapes also function as a base of several drinks. The unique texture and sweet taste makes them a popular snack and dessert. Grapes are classified in various categories due to their varied functions; wine grapes are used for making wines, table grapes are used as snacks and raisin grapes are used to make dried fruit.

Grapes offer several health benefits which make them a good food to add to your or your pet’s meals. Apart from the fabulous taste, grapes have low glycemic value, which ensures that insulin is regulated efficiently and the sugar balance of the body is maintained. Additionally, it is interesting to know that grapes contain resveratrol, which works to increase the function of the three genes which make a contribution towards prolonging human life.

Research has shown that the antioxidant glutathione found in grapes is a protein that fights the very harmful oxidative stress. Grapes do this by activating the genes that regulate known as glutathione, which enable the body to function more effectively.

Grapes and rabbits

Rabbits can be given grapes but their quantity must be regulated just like any other fruit. A suitable amount may be four or five per week. This will give your rabbit a break from its regular food, which usually comprises hay, green vegetables and pellets. Rabbits love nibbling on grapes due to their sweet taste and your pet will probably eat all the grapes you give it very eagerly.

Grapes have a large amount of sugar in them which can lead to problems for rabbits. Eating sugary foods very frequently or in large quantities can be harmful for rabbits. If you feed your rabbit too many grapes in a single meal, it is very likely to lead to diarrhea or indigestion, both of which are very troublesome for you and your pet.

Feeding your rabbit foods with high sugar content such as grapes also has long-term repercussions. The sugar in this delicious fruit can lead to obesity and many other potentially dangerous health issues that can cause your rabbit a lot of discomfort and pain.

If you do not have access to organically farmed grapes, you can buy them from the supermarket, but then you must wash them thoroughly. To do this effectively, soak the grapes in water for five to ten minutes. You shouldn’t use soap as some of its residue may remain on the grapes, which will add to the problem. Keeping the grapes wet is good as this will add to the water intake of your rabbit.

If you’ve never given your rabbit grapes at all, it would be wise to give it just one or two and watch it carefully after that. Your rabbit may have an upset stomach if the grapes do not suit it. The presence of sugar in the grapes will make the rabbit’s digestive system digest it very quickly. As a result, gas can accumulate in the rabbit’s stomach which will make it feel bloated. The acidity level in its stomach will rise and the high pH level will not allow good bacteria to grow and thus important nutrients like B-vitamins will not be produced.

Can rabbits eat raisins?

Yes, in small amounts only. Raisins which are dried grapes have higher sugar content and should’t be fed in excess. A few raisins once in a while can be fed to bunnies. Feeding too many raisins to your rabbits can lead to diarrhea and other health problems.

Important precautions

Another issue with grapes is the large amounts of pesticide residues that are found on them. These pesticides result in a large amount of toxins that accumulate on the grapes during the course of their growth. Due to this, extreme precautions need to be taken while consuming grapes or while feeding them to your rabbit. It is advisable to buy grapes that are grown organically as this will decrease the possibility of health issues.

Before feeding your rabbit grapes, you must wash them thoroughly; remove the seeds and also the skin. Although both are edible, a large quantity of these can cause failure of the kidneys and result in the buildup of kidney stones.

You may think that preparing grapes for your rabbit requires too much time and effort; however, the advantages this will bring to it are worthwhile. Research has shown that the hearts of animals that are fed grapes in fruit or powder form have better function and lesser damage. However, the fruit in its natural form is more preferable to powdered grapes.


To return to our earlier question, ‘can rabbits eat grapes?’ the answer is ‘yes, but in moderation’.  Just remember that the most important foods for your rabbit are fresh hay, clean water and good quality pellets, with a fruits used as treats only. If you can do all this, you will have a happy and healthy rabbit!

Additionally, remember to introduce new foods, including grapes, to your rabbit gradually and in small amounts. Remember, moderation is key here! Observe your pet for any unusual behavior. If your pet doesn’t show any signs of discomfort, you can continue feeding him grapes. However, if your rabbit shows loose stool, you should stop giving him grapes since these may not be suitable for your pet.



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