Can Hamsters Swim

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can hamsters swim

Can hamsters swim? Hamsters know how to swim but it is not preferable to take them into water as there are various risks associated with it. Swimming is something that hamsters don’t really like as they fear drowning. It can also cause them health problems like pneumonia as they tend to be susceptible to temperature changes.

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can hamsters swim

Effects Of Water To Hamsters

The natural habitat of these omnivorous animals is in the drier areas in the wild. You will rarely find them swimming or going near the wet areas. People who own hamsters should know that putting them into water can be dangerous for them. It causes lot of stress and affects their body’s immune system. Naturally a weak immune system opens it up to different kinds of diseases and makes it difficult for them to recover. If you put them into cold water then they may end up catching acute pneumonia and this could be life threatening for them. Experts recommend that one should avoid giving them regular bath and you should only consider keeping them in water if they are too dirty. These mammals generally keep themselves clean and can survive for huge amount of days without going through a wash. Bathing the hamsters can wash away the essential oils required by their body and this could lead to harmful diseases.

Giving The Hamsters a Good Bath

Hamsters don’t like to get in contact with water and you should provide a bath only if they come in contact with a chemical or any dirty material. If required you should try out the following techniques to give your hamster a good bath:

  • Fill the basin with two cups of water. Make sure water is not cold and it is lukewarm.
  • Put one drop of pet shampoo in the water
  • Use a clean piece of cloth and soak it into water
  • Start swabbing the hamster very slowly and make sure that the movement of the cloth is in the direction of the fur
  • Once the hamster is done with its bath, use a dry towel and slowly wipe it over its body to get rid of the dampness

Can Hamsters Swim: Major Health Effects Of Water On Hamsters

If you have been thinking what are the health effects that hamsters might face while in water then you need to know about their habitat before putting them in water. Since water is not suitable for their health, they always feel stressed when put into water. This stress can lead to diverse health conditions that can make them weak and unhealthy. Even experts who have researched on this topic recommend not putting them in water as this can lead to lesions in their heart. They start facing inflammatory infections and may even face difficulty in breathing.

How To Keep The Hamsters Clean

Hamsters use their saliva to clean their body. Just like cats, they use special saliva and clean each and every area of their body. They make sure that there is not much dirt on their body and this makes sure that they don’t require a bath.

Protecting The Hamsters During Summer Time

It is a known fact that hamsters don’t like warm humid weather. There are chances of sun stroke and it is important to keep their body cool. Sometimes people bathe them and put them in water to cool them down during hot summer days. You should avoid keeping them in water during summers as a cool room does the work. Make sure you don’t leave them unattended and take care of their activities. While trying to protect them during summer time, don’t overdo anything and make sure that you don’t put them near too cold area. Cold water or very chilly temperature is never the solution, you just need to keep the room cool and it would keep the animal healthy. Focus on keeping the hamster hydrated and giving them enough water to drink. Drinking enough fluid gives their body to easily survive during summer months.

Protecting a Wet Hamster

As mentioned above, when the hamster gets wet there are various health issues that it faces. Pneumonia is one them. If a hamster gets very wet and seems to be struggling, the first and foremost thing you should do is to soak it in a warm cloth. The cloth can be made warm by dipping it into lukewarm water. This would make the hamster feel comfortable. You must check its breathing process and if the heart beat seems normal. It is advised that you take the mammal to a veterinary doctor and take guidance. Until you reach the doctor, keep a check on its heart beat and keep checking if it is breathing fine. There are chances of inflammation and it would take time for the hamster to get out of the stress.

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