Can Hamsters Eat Strawberries

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can hamsters eat strawberries

Hamster is the ideal cute little pet which every household loves to have. As you are already aware of the fact that this cute little animal prefers eating vegetables and fruits but can hamsters eat strawberries? To know more, this article shall serve you with essential guidelines while feeding nutritional food items to your cute little hamsters.

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can hamsters eat strawberries

Can Hamsters Eat Strawberries

Your adorable hamsters can live long and healthy if they feed on healthy nutritional supplements of vegetables and fruits. Fruit supplements are important part of your lovely pets diet. However, they should be fed to your hamster as treats only. You can feed your small pets delicious fruits like apples, strawberries and pears for couple times a week. While serving fruits, ensure that these are cut into pieces for easy digestion. In this regard, small pieces of strawberries are appropriate choice for watering the mouth of the hamsters. It is better to avoid fruits like lemon and oranges. These fruits contain excessive levels of citric acids and are dangerous for hamsters.

Nutritional Qualities Of Strawberries

The nutritional values of strawberries are manifold. Not only these small fruits contain anti-oxidants but also are rich in vitamins and minerals which improve the overall health structure of the human body. You can get the following benefits for eating strawberries:

  • Improving immune system: Strawberries contain Vitamin C which offers strength to the immune system, it prevents the incursion of infectious diseases and other toxic substances in our body. For stimulating the functioning of the white blood cells, the role of Vitamin C is quite unique. When consuming small pieces of strawberries every day, our body gets fit and active to prevent diseases. It also regulates the normal function of the blood cells.
  • Taking care of the eyes: The presence of antioxidant substances like elagic acids, phenolic phytochemicals and flavonoids in strawberry can help our eyes from developing complicated optical defects to a minimal level. Problems usually associated with the eyes (because of nutritional diets) mainly include dryness, degeneration of eye nerves, vision defects and macular degenerations. Consuming strawberries once a week can completely improve the overall health of your eyes.
  • Brain Function: Phytochemicals and Vitamin C present in strawberries can help to improve the normal functioning of the brain. Human brains, because of age and absence of nutritional diets, often develop problems such as loss of memory and restrictions in free movements of limbs and muscles. Also, because of lack of nutrition, the brain cells will start to degenerate and the nerves grow weaker. To avoid such premature and natural complications, consumption of strawberries are ideal solution for improving the overall cognitive function and blood flow in the brain.

Disadvantages Associated With Strawberries 

Though strawberry is an ideal fruit treat for your lovely hamsters, there are certain disadvantages that you cannot simply overlook. Recent findings suggest that strawberries contain higher pesticide residual levels which are enough to kill your dear hamsters quickly. So always wash the strawberries properly before serving them to your pets. Always try to purchase strawberries from farmers market and do not attempt for packed strawberries. Strawberries also contain harmful chemical substances like beta-blockers in higher levels that can affect the health of your pets severely. So it is better to serve your hamsters strawberries obtained from your garden only when it would be completely free of harmful pesticides and other chemicals.

Ways Of Storing Strawberries

If your hamsters are not showing interest in your purchased strawberries, don’t be disheartened because they might not be in the mood for them at the time. You can store these fruits once your pet wants them again, he can get a relishing feast with strawberries. There are three primary steps that you can follow for such purpose:

  • If you are storing them in the fridge, do not soak them with water, increased accumulation of moisture can easily damage the strawberry. Better dry out all the moisture before putting them in the fridge.
  • There may be strawberries containing molds from your bunch of fruits. Remove these mold infected strawberries first. Otherwise, they would spoil strawberries altogether even inside the fridge.
  • While storing strawberries, store them in Tupperware which allows free flow of air inside. Lack of air often results in quick decay of strawberries if stored in plastic airtight containers.






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