Can Hamsters Eat Peanut Butter

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can hamsters eat peanut butter

As you are already aware of the food habits of your hammy but can hamsters eat peanut butter? The short answer is yes. You love your pet hamsters so it is quite natural from your part to be concerned about the nutritional diets of your pet hammy. Then you must be hooked on to this article to know more about peanut butter.

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can hamsters eat peanut butter

Healthy Supplements 

If you want your hamster to grow properly in an organized manner then consult an animal doctor to fix his diet chart. Otherwise, there are plenty of options available like serving slices of fruits and vegetables and soaked bread with peanut butter. Just relax because unlike other chocolaty substances, peanut butter has significantly less concentrations of sugar and your pet is out of the risk of developing diseases like diabetes and other digestive problems. However, you should only feed it to your hamster in moderation. If you served it with small amount then it will make its growth and other physical developments quite robust and firm. Peanut butter should be used as a treat and not everyday. Peanut butter may lift the mood of your hammy significantly.

Can Hamsters Eat Peanut Butter – The Benefits

Now it is time to blow up the misconceptions that have grown around this tasty food paste. Its health benefits are manifold that mainly include the following:

  • Helps in reducing weight: Peanut butter can help to reduce the body weight to a significant extent. It comprised of good combinations of proteins and fiber for providing surplus energy to people who work for extensive periods of time. It also reduces the formation of fats beyond a permissible level.
  • Comprised of essential nutrient elements: This food paste which is mainly available in packed container, contains a good level of potassium for proper formation of muscles, as well as Vitamin B6 for developing the overall immune system of the body. Recent study has found that having peanut butter with bread can minimize the scope of diabetes and other cardio-vascular problems significantly. All these nutritional components are available in decent proportions to prevent the scope of any side –effects in the body.
  • Presence of limited fat: There is little bit of fat present in this delicious item because little of it is necessary for the people working extensively in harsh conditions. you can bet that this food item is quite beneficial for your dear little hammy too.

Harmful Aspects Of Peanut Butter 

You will be shocked to know that in spite of these health benefits, peanut butter cannot be entirely trusted to play a significant role in the improvement of the health of your hammy. There are many reasons for such observation. The main reason is the presence of food allergies in it. Before purchasing this item, always carefully considers this aspect otherwise you would end up with the health problems of your pet. The second important factor is the presence of high amount of lectin in the food paste. Lectin has the capability of causing problems like arthritis and other health issues in the human body. The sole reason is the presence of inflammatory substances in it. The third factor is the increased amount of residues of the pesticides which are also equally transmitted with the natural ingredients. These factors must also be considered before serving it to the hamster with bread.

Storing Peanut Butter Before Serving The Hammy

You must store this product in the refrigerator the day you purchase it. Keeping it under moderate room temperature is fine but under extensive light can cause it to lose its essential nutritional value. Hence, you must store it in the fridge as soon as you can. But while serving it to your hamster, allow it to shed its minimal temperature so that your hammy has no problem in tasting the products.

Foods Better To Avoid To Maintain The Health Of Your Hammy

Always avoid giving chocolates and other candies to your pet. The high concentration of sugar may cause diabetes, besides diarrhea. Even you must not feed it eggplants and fried potatoes. These would cause damage to its little mouth and can cause him considerable stomach pain. However, you can serve him small slices of appropriate fruit and vegetables as a treat, Timothy Hay for couple times a week, and pellets. These foods will not cause any harm to your pet.




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