Can Hamsters Eat Cheese

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can hamsters eat cheese

Can hamsters eat cheese? Hamsters just love cheese and bringing cheese in front of them would give you a clear answer to your question. If you own a hamster then you would surely love to have an idea of what they love and what should be avoided in their diet. The following article would be acting as a guide to the likes and dislikes of your pet hamster.

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can hamsters eat cheese

Diet Chart To Be Followed For Your Hamsters

Hamsters are small animals that look similar to a mouse. They have a tendency to stuff their mouth to almost everything they see in front of them. If you have a pet hamster then you should make sure that you have a healthy diet chart for your hamster that would meet their nutritional requirements. The following list will provide you an idea of what they love and what would be avoided.

Always try and keep it natural and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Giving them green vegetables, fruits, seeds and sometimes insects, provides these omnivores with good amount of protein. Seeds are considered to be good for their health but make sure you mix them well with different food  so that there is no deficiency in their body.

Can Hamsters Eat Cheese – The Positives And Negatives You Need To Know

Cheese comes as a treat for hamsters and you should provide them with cheese once in a while. As this food comes with a lot of fat, regularly including this in their diet could cause obesity and affect their body.

You can first go through a test process to make sure that they don’t face any negative effects from cheese. If the hamster does not show any sign of sickness and stays fit then you can go ahead and give them cheese in a gap of few days. It is important that you have proper knowledge of what effect it can have on your pet as they need to be kept far from obesity. Any kind of infection would have diverse effects on them and make them sick. In the first week, go through the trial process and see observe the animal properly. If it doesn’t show any kind of sickness then you are free to include low fat cheese in their diet.

Cheese is not the only product that hamsters eat. They love other vegetable products and seeds. Sunflower seeds can be harmful for them. They cause obesity but a nice mix of seeds with healthy food product is always nice for them.

Important Facts About Cheese

Huge amount of people around the world consume cheese on a regular basis. It is a dairy product that has been here for ages. You can find more than 2000 varieties of cheese all over the globe. Among these, the most favored one is mozzarella and the low fat cheese can act as a good source of protein in your diet. It is not only limited to human beings as even animals, especially rodents love to have them.

Some Interesting Tips On Cheese Storage

If you have unpasteurized cheese, then make sure that you don’t slice it before eating it. Cheese tends to lose its real aroma. Wrapping it up with a waxed paper in a loosely fitted food bag helps in keeping good circulation of air around cheese and controls moisture around them. When you serve it or use it to make any dish, you should take it out from fridge one hour before use. Never let it dry or keep any hard smelling food near cheese and store it in a temperature of around 8-13 degree centigrade.

What If Your Pet Hamsters Do Not Like Cheese?

This is a rare occasion when a hamster avoids cheese as most of them do like to have it. But even if your pet does not like it and avoids it then there is nothing to be scared of. There are lots of healthy food products that you can provide to them to provide adequate amount of proteins and required amount of minerals. If the hamster has not been introduced to cheese at all then they might not be aware of the food product and you can try giving it in small amounts occasionally. But make sure you don’t make it a regular habit.

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