Can Hamsters Eat Celery?

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can hamsters eat celery

Hamsters naturally exhibit its fondness for eating nutritional fruits and vegetables. When you present him with small slices of vegetables and fruits, he may get really excited. So you can automatically guess the reply for your question can hamsters eat celery? If you are seriously considering the options of feeding your pet hammy with quality foods then hook on to this article.

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can hamsters eat celery

Ideal Food Diet For Your Hamsters

As you are already aware of that hamsters are naturally inclined towards eating fruits and vegetables. However, make sure that it never frequently changes its food habits. Frequent changing of food habits can affect its digestive system which can lead to severe stomach problems. In this respect, celery can be its ideal food diet because hamsters display much enthusiasm while eating this vegetable. Its small teeth always prefer to grind and chew the crunchy stalk of this vegetable. But you must ensure that the celery is fresh and free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Pesticides can cause your dear hammy food poisoning, diarrhea as well as affecting its tissues.

Can Hamsters Eat Celery – The Facts

Guiding by the popular notion, you can dismiss celery from your list of nutritional foods but recent study has suggested that its nutritional values are comparatively higher than other vegetables as well. Its nutritional advantages mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant support: This crunchy vegetable is an important source of antioxidant nutrients involving manganese, beta carotene and Vitamin C. Besides, it is also a storehouse of phytonutrients. These phytonutrients have played a vital role in providing inflammatory advantages as well. In animals, these phytonutrients have reduced the scope of oxidative damage to the walls of blood vessels and to the fat of the body. The impacts of the juice of this vegetable in human body are manifold. Research has shown that its juice has lowered the risk of tumors among humans.
  • Digestive Tract support: This vegetable also helps protecting the digestive tract of our body as well. It comprised of polysaccharides which provides relief to the stomach’s digestive problems for both animals and humans. Recent study has suggested that both apiuman and polysaccharides help to control the secretion of the stomach, reducing the scope of stomach ulcers and improving the integrity of stomach lining.
  • Cardiovascular support: Researchers hae found that the phytonutrient compounds of this vegetable helps to relax the muscle of the heart through the release of Phenolic and phthalides substances. These two compounds help normal flow of potassium and calcium inside the heart, regulating the normal heart function of the body. This also indirectly helps reducing the chance of blood pressure in the body.

So now you can understand that you haven’t committed any error for selecting this vegetable for your cute little hammy. However, make sure that you cut celery into tiny pieces before giving it to your pet. Celery should not be a staple every day food for your hamster. It also needs pellets and water. Small amounts of Timothy Hay can be given several times a week.

Selecting And Storing The Appropriate Celery For Your Pet

Always go for the celery which appears to be snappy and crispy while pulling it apart. The vegetable must be compact and tight and should not comprise of extended stalks. You must avoid from buying blackheart celery because of the presence of insects. Check for the seed stem, otherwise the vegetable tastes bitter. While storing it in the fridge, you must squeeze the excess air from the bag while placing the vegetable inside and tightly seal the bag. Storing the celery more than seven days can spoil it and pose health risks to your hammy.

Other Food Options For Hamsters

Occasional change of food is not all bad for your hammy to refresh its mood when disappointed. You have the option of serving it with slices of fruits like apple, banana, mangoes, pears with limited quantities. You can also serve this cute lovely pet mealworms and crickets as well as small pieces of boiled chicken. It is better if you feed the pet crunchy nutritional pellets purchased from the pet store.

Foods That Need To Be Avoided For Hamsters

Hamsters must never be served eggplants, almonds and fried potatoes. These foods will affect its digestive system to a considerable extent. Always avoid giving sticky and spicy food for them as well. These may cause allergy and diarrhea. Before serving any new meals, always consult with the vet first. Chocolaty substances are highly poisonous for the hamsters. Excess vegetables like lettuce and celery can cause it to vomit and urinate excessively, feed it only in limited quantities.

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