Can Hamsters Eat Bread

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can hamsters eat bread

Hamsters are always excited to apply their small sharp teeth in the fruit and vegetable slices presented to them. However, can hamsters eat bread? Yes, they show preference for bread also. If you are really interested on this matter then tune on to this article for more information. Your hamster is your precious companion and it is natural to be concerned about its health and fitness.

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Can Hamsters Eat Bread?

Yes, hamsters can eat bread in small amounts only. However, bread does not have much nutritional benefits to hamsters and shouldn’t be fed regularly. There are plenty of healthy foods available in the market for your hammy but the only thing you need is to avoid over-feeding your pets. There is no harm if your pets prefer to have an occasional change of dish for refreshing their mood. But ensure that such dish changes must not be frequent, otherwise your hammy may develop series of health problems in the future. Bread is our common item for breakfast and there is no harm for serving it to the hamsters. However, serve it in moderation and as a treat, not the staple food for every day.

Feeding bread couple times a week in small quantities is safe for hamsters. We also recommend avoiding white bread because of its high sugar content. Whole wheat and any other brown bread would be a better option.

Facts About Bread 

Bread is universal breakfast food all over the world. Though it is prepared artificially, it derives its natural ingredients from flour which is processed in the bakeries for the preparation of this lovely food. Besides, one can derive several health benefits on regular consumption of breads which mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Providing surplus fiber to the body: Eating bread can enrich the level of fiber in your body. This helps for screening the toxic materials in the body. Consuming fibers helps with metabolic activities of the body and it also plays a vital role for providing energy during working in extensive heat and other weather conditions.
  • Supplying calcium: Bread has 20 % source of calcium for our body and helps for strengthening the bones and teeth. Older and middle aged women can prevent the risk of developing osteoporosis with regular intake of bread with milk.
  • Source of folate: It is a  10 % supplier of folate for the body which plays significant role for the development of robust blood cells. Formation of healthy blood cells are essential for supplying oxygen as well as wedding out harmful substances from the body.
  • Iron: Regular intake of breads provides 10 %  of iron for the body. This is essential for the formation of hemoglobin to carry oxygen to the blood.
  • Lower concentration of fat, salt and sugar: Bread is quite ideal for every people irrespective of health conditions. The level of fat, salt and sugar are quite low in it, there is no scope of any harmful impacts for your body.

Choosing And Storing Of Bread

When purchasing bread, buy breads available in packages. Packed breads are free from moisture. Once your bread catches moisture, it becomes soft and is unsuitable for eating. Better purchase crispy breads and while serving it to your hammy soak it with milk. You can store packed bread in the freezer and never unpack it while frozen. Though it is quite ideal to store the breads on the counter but for preventing the scope of immediate decay, you can put it inside the freezer. So once you take out the bread to feed it to your hammy, unfreeze the bread before serving it to your pet.

Other Alternative Foods That Can Be Given To Your Pet

If you think that your hamster dislikes the bread then change his diet immediately. You can settle it with other options like lettuce, fruits and vegetables occasionally. It is better to feed it the crunchy pellets which are available in your local pet stores. Make sure that these pellets are mainly for the hamsters, otherwise there may be problems with its digestion. It is better to seek the recommendations from a vet before deciding about the healthy menu items for your pet.

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