Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pineapple?

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can guinea pigs eat pineapple

Pineapple is definitely an interesting choice of food to feed to a pet. With even humans being divided on whether or not pineapple is tasty, asking if guinea pigs can eat pineapple is a valid concern.

It’s a known fact that guinea pigs are quite sensitive and that they cannot consume just about anything.

But it’s also true that there are certain fruits and vegetables that they are allowed to eat. So, do you know which types of fruits can your guinea pig eat? Can guinea pigs eat pineapple?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pineapple?


As far as fruit goes, pineapple may be considered a weird option for guinea pigs. But just because it is maybe not “traditional”, doesn’t mean it’s forbidden. The short answer is that yes, guinea pigs can and do eat pineapple.

However, not all of them like it. Just like humans, guinea pigs have likes and dislikes. And pineapple, especially, can be too much of a “specialty” for some guinea pigs. The reason is the high acidity, but also its general strong smell and taste.

In addition, pineapple contains high amounts of sugar. As you should already know by now, sugar is generally bad for all pets and guinea pigs make no exception. This is why, if your guinea pig enjoys pineapple, it should only be served once in a while. Under no circumstances should you give your pet pineapple on an everyday basis. That’s just going to make your cavy sick.

How to Introduce Pineapple into your Guinea Pig’s Diet?

Like with all new foods, pineapple should be introduced gradually. This means you need to start slowly, with only a small piece of pineapple. Your guinea pig may or may not like the way the pineapple smells or tastes and may or may not eat the entire piece. Another thing to keep in mind is that any time you serve pineapple to guinea pigs, it should be cut into small pieces and peeled. This is very important.

The reason for this is that pineapple’s skin is tough and difficult to chew. Not only that, but it can be an irritant and a choking hazard. Moreover, it offers no nutritional value whatsoever, so you are just making life difficult for the poor guinea pig without any legitimate reasons. It’s best to stay away from the pineapple skin.

Does Pineapple Have Benefits for Guinea Pigs?

You may or may not already know this, but guinea pigs require a certain amount of vitamin C, which they need to get from their food. Keeping this in mind, pineapple seems like the ideal food to fulfil this need because of its high content of vitamin C. However, remember the sugar content of pineapple. More pineapple means more vitamin C, but it also means a lot more sugar. The key is to keep a balance. Guinea pigs should not consume fruits too often.

What About the Juice?

Pineapple juice is absolutely delicious to us, humans. Maybe to guinea pigs as well, but that doesn’t mean they should be allowed to drink it. In addition to being very sweet with high sugar content, it is also acidic and their stomachs can’t take it. Guinea pigs are extremely sensitive and pineapple juice would just upset their tummy. Another thing to be aware of is that fruit with a high water count (watermelon, pineapple) can also cause diarrhoea. For these reasons, canned pineapple is also to be avoided. It is sweet and it contains way too much juice to be safe for your small and sensitive pets.

What Should be Part of a Guinea Pig’s Everyday Diet?

Guinea pigs can eat leaf greens and hay. While fruit and vegetables are only recommended in controlled amounts and not very often throughout the week, leafy greens are fresh, healthy and can be given more frequently. But what guinea pigs need most at all times, is hay. As a responsible owner, you have to provide your pets with endless amounts of hay, as it is very beneficial to their health, digestion, teeth and it’s also tasty to them.

All in all, pineapple can definitely be consumed by guinea pigs, if they want to, but it should be limited to small amounts that are well spaced out. The reason is that this is a very watery and sugary fruit, characteristics which are both dangerous to a guinea pig’s sensitive stomach. As long as you only serve small pieces, in small quantities, once a week should be fine for your cavy friends. Additionally, make sure to peel the skin off and don’t give your piggies any pineapple leaves either.


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