Can Ferrets Swim?

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can ferrets swim in water

Can ferrets swim? Yes, they are capable of swimming naturally. You will not have to teach your ferrets to swim. Simply put them in the water and they will start swimming automatically. Most of them absolutely love swimming, but a few may not.

Whether your ferrets enjoy it or not is something you can soon find out. Put them in a tub on their own and make sure that the water is enough for them to play in, with the feet touching the bottom.  The water should be warm and nothing should scare or startle them while they are in the tub.

To make your ferrets comfortable with swimming, start putting them in water while they are young.  Introduce them to water gradually. You can do this by holding your ferret while taking a bath or while bathing it. You may end up having a ferret that swims all day if allowed!

can ferrets swim

Ferrets At The Beach

In the warm summer months, your ferrets will enjoy spending time in the water. You may have fun and play at the seaside. Try to take your ferret for a swim when it isn’t too hot. Also, look for a quiet time as large crowds can scare your pet. Be on the lookout for any pet dogs that may be off their leashes as they could scare or harm your ferret.

After you have ensured that your ferrets are safe, let them free to enjoy themselves. Ferrets love the sand, which is a favorite playground for them. The seaside sand is usually perfect for ferrets as the grains are moist and small, enabling them to dig tunnels. They will soon have a network or maze underground and run through them excitedly! Your ferrets will also enjoy chasing the smaller waves. You do have to keep an eye on them just to ensure that they remain safe. Be particularly attentive for stray dogs.

You will surely have fun simply by watching ferrets play! But you must remember to have them on a leash at all times.

Once it becomes warmer, you should bring the ferrets home and bathe them with clean water to remove all the sand and salt from their fur.  They may take a nap after that.

Can Ferrets Swim In The Pool

The ferrets will also enjoy swimming in your swimming pool. The first time you take them there, let them explore the area by sniffing around. They may spend some time playing and jumping around on the deck chairs and body board, which is very good exercise for them. If the water is the right temperature, they will move into the pool to swim on their own. Just remember to keep them on a leash for safety.

If your ferret has never been in a pool before, he may hesitate or avoid going it at all. This is when you need to jump in. Let it explore the area around the pool at its own speed until it feels relaxed in the new surroundings. Then hold the ferret in your hand and go into the water very slowly.  Once you let it feel the water in the safety of your hands, it will start to swim instinctively as soon as you let it into the water. Start swimming yourself and the ferret will follow, making an effort to remain near you.

Ferrets are natural swimmers. However, they shouldn’t be left in the water for too long because they can get tired very quickly.

Ferrets In The Bathtub

If your ferrets loves swimming and splashing around in water, don’t feel stressed if you cannot take them to the beach or a swimming pool. They can have as much fun in your sink or bathtub. You can even buy a small inflatable pool that can be inflated and placed in the bathroom or lawn when needed. Fill it up with tap water and let your ferrets splash away!

can ferrets swim in water

Ferrets’ Safety In The Water

  • While taking your ferrets to swim in a pool, make sure that the water has no chlorine as it can cause irritation to their eyes and skin.
  • Bathe them at the end of a swim just as a precautionary measure. However, you should only bathe a ferret once a month. Too frequent bathing can cause a dry skin. Use only a shampoo that is meant for ferrets.
  • Never force them into the pool or sea as this may cause them to develop a fear of water.
  • Let them play and explore the area around the water and they will get into the water when they are ready.
  • Have some towels on the side so that they can come for a rest whenever they feel like it.
  • Avoid taking your ferrets to a public pool because they may get stressed by other people.


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