Can Dogs Eat Eggplant

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can dogs eat eggplant

Today’s question: can dogs eat eggplant? Is eggplant good or bad for dogs? Scroll down for detailed answers.

Eggplants are some of the foods that are loved and appreciated by many people. They can be incorporated into a variety of recipes and they have a great number of benefits for the body. Your dog can become intrigued and curious if s/he sees you cooking this juicy fruit and eating it. Yes, eggplant is a fruit. Dogs tend to enjoy the same fruit and veggies that their owners enjoy, and also benefit from their vitamin and mineral content.   While the majority of the nutrients your dog needs are found in dog food, pups may be offered supplemental vitamins from healthy human food on occasion.

Dogs should not eat any food that can be deemed a choking hazard or block an intestinal duct.  Dogs should also avoid fruit with pits and seeds, or containing any toxins such as cyanide.  All fruits should be offered in small doses to test the reaction of your particular dog.  All dogs have a tendency to react to different types of foods, just as their master’s.  One dog may be able to eat eggplant without an issue, while another dog may become sick and/or dislike the taste and texture.  Verify with your vet that eggplant is safe fro your dog’s breed and size, then feel secure knowing your dog may be introduced to this fruit.

Can dogs eat eggplant? Eggplant seems to be a relatively safe fruit, free of pits and seeds and any parts that are hard and difficult to chew.  In this article, you will find the answers to this question and discover other valuable information about this fruit. Are eggplants safe for our dogs to eat or should we leave them aside and give them something else to chew on? Let’s see what the experts have to say!

Can Dogs Eat Eggplant?

can dogs eat eggplant


Eggplant is botanically a fruit but most people eat it like a vegetable. Unlike other fruits, there seem to be some concerns and mixed thoughts about eggplant. It is included in the nightshade family. The compound they contain is called alpha-tomatine which is much controverted and is believed that it is present in the eggplants as well. Tomatine can be toxic to the heart. However, your dog would have to eat a large amount of eggplant before the heart gets affected. Moreover, the tomatine is quite poorly absorbed by the intestinal tract.

Now, going back to whether you should give your dog eggplant or not, it is believed that feeding this food to your pet if safe as long as s/he is monitored afterwards. However, you should start with a small amount and then supervise your dog to see how he is doing.

While eggplant is a healthy choice for humans, and can also be healthy for dogs, the chemical makeup of the eggplant should always be thought of before offering to your dog.  The bodies of dogs digest food differently than humans do, and dogs may also absorb nutrients differently.  In the event the eggplant your dog enjoys contains the tomatine you worry about, rest assured your dog will be fine.  In the event you dog has eaten your entire batch of eggplant, or gotten into a garden of plants and eaten them all, then you have to worry.  Call your vet to ensure safety and watch for any reactions.  If your dog has any reactions to the over consumption of eggplant, take your dog to the pet hospital right away.

The option of feeding your dog with some leftovers containing eggplant seems to be harmless. What better way to use up leftovers, make use of food, and serve your dog extra vitamins? However, it is always a good idea to check what you are feeding your canine friend. Look up the quality of the eggplant first as well as the breed and size of your dog.  Only offer a bit of leftovers after having tested your dog’s tolerance of eggplant first.

Also, keep in mind the fact that dogs need to have a diet based primarily on meat and not on vegetables.  Your dog does not need eggplant in his/her diet.  Do not feel guilty if you do not wish to feed this fruit to your dog or if s/he does not like the fruit or cannot digest the food.  Your dog will be just fine eating only the dog food specially formulated for his/her size and breed.  If you feel inclined to offer your dog this fruit, this decision is ok too!  Just know that your decision to feed your dog eggplant is simply by your choice, not by nutritional need on behalf of the dog.

The eggplant, also known as aubergine, can generate allergic reactions. It is imperative that, once you have fed your dog eggplant, keep an eye on his behavior and monitor his bowel movements.  If you notice stomach upset, pain, gas, and bloating, be sure to contact your

Eggplants are low in fat and they include few calories. They also contain a high amount of fibers, calcium and iron. They are also superior to potatoes, for instance, which are rich in starch, but do not provide the same amount of nutrients.

Feeding Eggplant to your Dog

If you decide to give your dog eggplants, the first rule of the game is not to overfeed the dog with foods that are aimed to suit humans’ needs.  Dogs do not need to eat as many fruit and veggies as humans, if any at all.  Dogs should only eat a little bit of fruit and veggies. You should also prepare the meal yourself. This way, you will know exactly what ingredients you put in and in what quantities. Do not season the eggplant, or cook with onions.  Dogs are allergic to onions and garlic and reactions may even be fatal.  Salt and pepper should also be avoided when cooking the fruit.  Always be mindful to make a separate batch of eggplant for your dog if you are preparing a batch for yourself that is seasoned.

Once again, remember that supplementing your dog’s diet is all about moderation. Dogs do not need this food; this food is a special treat. Whether we are talking about eggplants or any other food for that matter, moderation is the key. Combining eggplant with an excessive amount of garlic, for example, can hurt your dog.  Combining plain eggplant with dog food is deemed safe.  Presentation of the food as well as seasoning of the food are the key factors along with serving size.  If following the rules of preparing and serving, your dog should not have reaction to eggplant.

Since eggplants can generate allergic reactions, it is best to cook it thoroughly. You can sautee, bake or cook it on the grill.  Heating the eggplant removes potential bacteria and germs, as well as softening the food to prevent choking risk.

Can Dogs Eat Eggplant Leaves?

Dogs should not eat eggplant leaves. These leaves are fatally toxic to dogs. If you grow your own eggplants in the backyard, make sure that you keep your pet away from these plants. The symptom of eating eggplant leaves include abdominal pain, convulsions, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, vomiting, convulsions, weakness, incoordination, collapse, and death. Here is a list of other plants toxic to dogs.

When Not to Feed Eggplant to your Dog?

A situation that requires you to avoid feeding your dog eggplants is when he suffers from kidney problems. This fruit contains high amounts of oxalate, a compound that will only bring additional complications to the pet’s condition. It is always recommended to ask the advice of your veterinarian before giving this vegetable to your dog.

Identifying an Allergic Reaction

Just like in the case of a new food, it is always mandatory to monitor the dog after it has eaten it. If your dog is allergic to eggplants, he will most likely experience diarrhea. And this is also a sign that you should not go any further with this. Other reactions might imply:

  • Vomiting
  • Rashes
  • Itchiness
  • Headaches
  • Indigestion

To sum it up, dogs can eat eggplant, but they need close supervision after they consume this food. Not all dogs tend to have allergic reactions to it, but you never know how your dog will take it. So, be very careful feeding it to your dog and if you notice anything unusual, consult with the vet as soon as possible.


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