Can Dogs Eat Dates

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can dogs eat dates

Today’s question: can dogs eat dates? Scroll down to find detailed answers.

Most dogs are curious and eager eaters, quick to eat all food that is served to them.  Whether dog food, human food, or treats, a dog will snatch most all food readily available. In the event you wish to change the diet of your dog a bit to include more healthy options, adding fruit, veggies, and whole food meats, you should verify the foods are safe and do not pose choking hazards.   Also, speaking with a vet will offer you the information you need to make an educated decision on what to feed your dog if you chose to stray from the ordinary.

Did you know that dogs sometimes like to eat fruit? It is quite surprising that dogs enjoy eating fruit.  Given the fact that dogs are usually more partial to meat, bones, and the occasional dog biscuit, a dog owner may be surprised to find their dog enjoying fruits and other healthy options. The typical domestic dog consumes pre made dog kibble and wet food, but are dogs able to enjoy eating anything else? Will human food bother dogs and cause a reaction? Yes, dogs can eat some people food, and yes, some foods are safe and do not cause reactions. Always start small and introduce fruits in a safe fashion, watching for potential choking hazards or side effects.

So, why not feed fruit to your dog? The question is “what kind of fruit?” Not all the fruits are equally beneficial and some are even harmful. You must do your research before feeding your dog fruit.   Te fruit may be deemed a whole food, organic, free of pesticides, and seedless; however there are other avenues to verify whether a dog can eat a particular fruit.   Can dogs eat dates? Let’s see.

can dogs eat dates

Can Dogs Eat Dates?

Fortunately, when it comes to dates, there is nothing major to worry about. There are some fruits that are toxic to dogs, like grapes, but dates are not among them. This means you are free to give the dates to your pooch, after the pit has been removed. However, you should only feed a small piece at first to see how your dog reacts. It never hurts to be cautious, even if the food is not necessarily toxic.

A little test is required for your pet’s safety. Once you have confirmed that dates are alright for your dog, you can continue to feed him/her small quantities as an occasional treat. However, remove the pit before feeding it to your dog. The pit can get lodged in your dog’s throat and cause choking.  In more extreme cases, the pit may become lodged in the intestinal tract and cause digestive blocking, resulting in death.

Are there Drawbacks to Date Consumption?

As with all foods and substances, it is recommended that your dog consumes dates in moderation. Anything consumed in excess can cause harm and make your pet sick. In the case of dates, too many of them can affect the dog’s digestive system and cause diarrhea, as well as gas. Avoiding potential stomach upset will be a blessing to both you and your pet.  Offering a fruit that is healthy is great, but if offering the fruit causes pain and mess for both of you, the fruit is not worth serving.

Moreover, you have to be mindful of your dog’s sugar intake. It is a known fact that too much sugar is harmful to dogs, so keep in mind that dates have a very high content of sugar. Dates are whole foods, but by weight, they are 80 percent pure sugar. 1 date contains 16 grams of sugar. This is a large amount of sugar, especially if a dog is offered more than one date.  Dogs develop obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure just as their human counterparts do.  As an owner you must be mindful of the conditions your dog could develop due to your negligence.  A date is fine on occasion, but in an effort to keep blood sugar regular and weight in a safe range, you must not over feed.

What are the Benefits of Canine Date Consumption?

Since dogs love dates so much and they are not toxic, dates make an excellent dog treat for your pets. Rather than offering dog bones or cheap snacks, offering a date allows your dog to reap the rewards of the nutritional makeup of the fruit.   They serve as a welcoming addition to their diet in order to promote variety. In addition, they offer great nutritional value and are especially good in the wintertime when access to fresh and naturally-grown fruit may be restricted.

Added benefits of dates are that they are low in fat and cholesterol-free. Dog owners must take the cholesterol and fat levels into account of any food offered to their dog.  A pet is able to develop just as many health problems as their masters when a diet goes unmeasured.  Dates are also great energy boosters. In the event your dog has become a bit lazy, or is a bit slower due to old age, adding dates to his/her diet may bring out the energy your dog needs to keep up with the other dogs at the park.

This sweet fruit is rich in vitamins A1, B1, B2, B3, B5, and C. The date also contains dietary fiber, iron, calcium, manganese, proteins, potassium, calcium, copper, and magnesium. The amino acids and soluble and insoluble fibers in date fruits can also strengthen the digestive system.  Improving the digestive system will keep you dog healthy by improving the immune system naturally.  The fiber will also keep your dog feeling fuller, longer, and avoid the urge to pull extra food off counters and beg for more!

Why Dogs Can Eat Fruit?

No animal is confined to just meat or just greens – while they may require one or the other in order to survive and thrive, they are allowed to eat other things and often crave strange foods. Dogs, for example, are not obligate carnivores, which means they do not have very strict dietary requirements and they will eat almost anything. As a carnivore, the dog has evolved to only eat meat and survive on the protein offered via meat.  However, this type of carnivorous animal enjoys a bit of fruit and veggies on the side and will eat any food available to allow for survival.  Dogs have evolved to be foragers, more than strict meat eaters.  Furthermore, fruit actually contributes greatly to dogs’ health.

Dogs in the wild that are able to add fruit in their diet are able to prolong their eating in between meals.  In the event animals and other meat sources are unavailable, a dog may come upon a fruit tree and supplement his/her diet this way.  In the wild, the more fruit and veggies offered can also aid in hydration and the adding nutrition needed to remain strong and independent.   Carried over into domestic life, this eating pattern of a dog can help aid him/her in a healthier life.

Dogs love a little variety in their diets, just like people do. Adding fruit into the diet of your dog can help stretch your dog food budget while utilizing the unused fruit in your kitchen.  Adding fruit can also help introduce your pet to a similar whole food diet that you as the owner are experimenting with.  In addition, fruit can have many health benefits to your pets. There are many benefits to your dog eating fruit, as long as any potential dangers, such as seeds, and casings, are removed.  Dogs like the taste, texture, and hydration fruit offers and you will enjoy the added benefit of a healthy dog living a fuller life!

Is there any Other Fruit that I Can Safely Feed to my Dog?

Yes! Actually, most fruit is okay for canine consumption. As long as it is eaten in moderation. Great fruits to feed to your dogs are bananas, apples, pears, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and pineapple. Fruits should be always chopped into small pieces and pits removed if they have any. One thing to remember is that fruits should never constitute the majority of your dog’s diet or the main source of the necessary nutrients.


In conclusion, dates can safely be eaten by dogs. Just make sure to remove the pit. You can add sliced dates to home-cooked dog treats or just feed them to your dog as occasional sweet treats. They contain great nutrients and are a nice variation to your pet’s usual kibble or alternative dog food. As long as you don’t give your furry pal too many, your dog will be fine eating the tasty date treats.

To be fair, a dog may ask for a bite of everything you eat, but dogs do like to ask for dates.   As a responsible pet owner, you should never feed your dog anything you have not researched or tested beforehand. Sometimes, dogs want to eat what you do, but that does not mean they should. In fact, there are plenty of human foods that may do them harm. Dates are safe to offer, but be careful not to develop a habit of offering your dog every food s/he asks for without researching first or speaking with your vet.



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  • My huskey/shepard just introduced herself to dates. After reading your article, i already knew dates were high in sugar but also virtamins etc. I like the idea of feeding them just a small amout periodically. Thank you for the information in this article. Next question… Pomegranate?

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