Can Chickens Eat Grapes

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can chickens eat grapes

We all love chickens, especially when they are tiny, yellow and puffy but have you ever stopped for a moment and asked yourself what else can they eat besides commercial chicken food? Can chickens eat grapes, for instance? Do they develop some kind of allergies to certain types of foods? Or can they eat everything you give them?

We tend to underestimate them but chickens are very intelligent and valuable creatures. They are more than just a piece of meat waiting to reach our plates for the next Sunday lunch with the family.

As owners, we have to take good care of them and provide them with the best food and conditions to live. Just like us, the humans, chickens are also social creatures who enjoy having their own space and communication to each other. This is why the best treatment should be given to them in order them to be able to develop fully and completely, until they reach their maximum potential.

can chickens eat grapes

Can Chickens Eat Grapes?

The answer to this question is certainly yes. They do not present any type of allergies to these fruits but what you need to do is to take great care of the manner in which they are eating them. This means that if you let them consume the whole grapes, they could eat them at a fast pace which could lead to possible chocking. In order to avoid any unpleasant events from taking place, it would be recommended to cut the grape into smaller pieces and feed them to the chickens. This way, you do not have to worry about a potential chocking event.

Grapes are great treats for your fathered friends. If you want to reward your chickens or simply give them a delicious meal, you can feel free to do so. There is nothing wrong with chickens eating grapes. They will get the vitamins and they will also get hydrated.

Interesting Facts About Chickens

We kept talking about how evolved and intelligent these creatures are but we haven’t really offered any substantial proof that would sustain this affirmation. So, here are some surprising facts that will knock you off your feet. Ready?

  • Face recognition – Did you know that chickens have the ability to recognize up to and even more than 100 faces of the members of their species? Talk about the elephant memory, huh? Who would have known that in spite of their tiny dimensions, they can actually get to compete with those huge animals?
  • Colored vision – Just like humans, chickens also have the ability to see everything in color. So, if chickens can eat grapes, just imagine the thrill they feel whenever they see them so brightly colored and filled with freshness. Not to mention that the colored vision helps them a lot in finding food. It is easier for them whenever they have to scratch the ground and look for worms or other things they could possibly eat throughout the day.
  • Communication – We mentioned the fact that they communicate, so it is expected that everything they see will be immediately communicated to one another. They have over 24 different vocalizations, each with its own meaning. Therefore, they are able to inform the others about the most various things, from letting them know that there might be a predator around to baby chickens letting their mothers know that they are comfortable enough.
  • The pain – Yes, they have pain receptors and through them they can easily feel any type of pain and distress. So, imagine what they are going through, the agony they must feel every time their beaks are chopped off with a red hot blade without any painkiller administrated previously. And this is only one example of the mutilations they are put through.
  • Defending – There might be that saying according to which one is called a chicken, a coward, but the truth is that chickens defend their youngsters from any predators near or far. So, the next time you are called a chicken, you could start explaining why this saying is so unbelievably false.
  • Playing – When it comes to this activity, there is no other thing to say except the fact that they resemble puppies or kittens, for instance. Chickens love to play, they love to run and they love to jump. But most of all, they love to sunbathe whenever they get the chance. Yet, most of them spend their lives in cages, in enclosed spaces.

Now you know that chickens can eat grapes and you got to know some even more interesting facts about these marvelous creatures. We bet that the next time when you see one, you will look at it from a whole different perspective.



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