Can Chickens Eat Avocado

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can chickens eat avocado

As a pet owner, you might have asked yourself what foods should your pet eat and what should you avoid feeding it. If you have your own chickens, you know that it is recommended for them to eat all sorts of greens. And we’re not just talking about vegetables, but also about fruits such as avocado. It’s a very healthy food for the humans but can chickens eat avocado?

We know that this fruit is filled with antioxidants and all sorts of ingredients that have the ability to fight off cancer and even kill the damaging cells in the human body. But the question that comes up is whether this ingredient has the same effect on chickens, for instance, or not.

can chickens eat avocado

Can Chickens Eat Avocado or Should They Better Stay Away from It?

There are people who claim that they have fed their chickens this fruit but there are also those who say that this is an action that should be avoided at all costs. Who should be believed? Or how can we know what is right for the chickens and what affects their health and proper development?

The answers to these questions depends on the research and all the experiments that have been performed over the course of the years. This is the only way to know the truth. You have the actual facts at your hand and there is no room left for doubt or rumors of any type.

And now, to answer this question, scientists say that chickens can eat avocado. However, the amount of avocado they take in should be moderate and it is recommended that they eat only the flesh of this fruit.

Keep in mind the fact that the skin and the pits of avocado contain a substance named persin which in great quantities has a toxic effect on its consumers. So, if you are thinking about sharing your avocado panini or the guacamole dipping sauce with some of your pet friends, you may do so without having to worry too much. They will most probably be extremely thankful for that. Just keep in mind the fact that moderation is the key to everything, including to your chicken’s diets!

What Food to Avoid when Feeding the Chickens?

As you can imagine, there are also harmful foods for your chickens’ health and it is good to know what to avoid giving them. They will most likely eat anything you give them. It is best to keep an eye open and be aware of the fact that even though some foods might be beneficial for us, these foods might turn out to be harmful and even toxic for our feathered friends.

Here is a brief list of the foods you should avoid feeding your chickens with:

  • White potatoes – They are forbidden for chickens as they contain toxic solanine, a substance that destroys the red blood cells. Apart from this, these vegetables may cause diarrhea and sometimes even heart failure. The substance can be killed off by being cooked at really high levels of heat but the boiling process will not reduce the levels of this substance. In order to avoid any unpleasant events, it is best to keep your chickens away from white potatoes.
  • Leaves – Not all the leaves are dangerous but keep in mind that you should avoid giving your hens and chickens tomato, eggplant and rhubarb leaves. Just like the white potatoes, they are also a part of the nightshade family and they also carry high doses of toxicity within them. No green tomatoes or under-developed eggplants should be served. Wait until they become ripe to make sure that the solanine is gone for good.
  • Apple seeds – Just like the seeds from plums, cherries, peaches, pears or apricots, the apple seeds might contain traces of cyanide which is harmful for both humans and chickens.
  • Onions – A healthy vegetable for the man, nonetheless, but the ultimate destruction for a chicken. They contain a toxin that bears the name of thiosulphate and that has a devastating effect on the red cells, as it destroys them. A higher amount of this vegetable ingested by a chicken can easily lead to its death.
  • Chocolate, caffeine or tea bags – Generally speaking, chocolate is toxic for most of the animals, dogs and chickens included.
  • Salty, sweet or fried foods – You are aware of that these foods are bad for your health, so why should they be considered good for chickens? They will affect their health and their ability to lay eggs.

Now you know that chickens can eat avocado but in moderate portions. Apart from this valuable information, you also found out what foods you should avoid giving to your chickens. Take care of your pets and they will reward you with a generous amount of joy and unconditional love.


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  • Apple seeds as well as apricot etc are perfectly safe to eat. Yes, they contain a form of cyanide, however it’s not at all toxic to the body, except for cancer cells.
    Vitamin B12 also contains a form of cyanide, nobody warns us of that!
    In fact that’s what the Vitamin B17 (in those seeds) breaks done to, which the body uses or excretes. I’ve eaten those seeds for 50 years, the marzipan taste when you eat them is the B17. Many plants have high levels of this ingredient, it will never kill the grazing animal.
    I’ve always fed my chooks onion and garlic, though only small amounts and cut up finely. I have been told that it’s anti-parasitic, the chooks always eat it.
    Rhubarb leaves, you’re right there. I found one of my ducks, dead on its back, next to the rhubarb plant it had eaten. No more duck or rhubarb, most annoying.

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