A Simple Guide to Choose the Best Harness for Dachshund

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Best Harness For Dachshund

Finding the right harness for a dachshund, compared to other breeds, can be challenging for well-meaning owners. Unlike most dog breeds, dachshunds are short but have barrel chests. The harness must be able to fit this unique form perfectly. This article offers suggestions and useful pointers for picking the best harness for dachshund pets. Read ahead:

Best Harness for Dachshund

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Why Dachshunds Need Special Harnesses

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t just purchase a generic harness for your dachshund. Dachshunds have long bodies with elongated spines and short legs. No other breed has this form.

As a result of their shape, dachshunds are more susceptible than other dog breeds to back problems. Particularly, dachshunds are more likely to suffer from intervertebral disk disease (IVD). Therefore, you must choose a harness that doesn’t exert stress on your pet’s back.

Veterinarians recommend harnesses over collars for dachshunds because of these medical problems. Owners may benefit in other ways from a harness too. For example, harnesses are best for dogs who love to pull on their leashes during walks.

What Type of Harness Does Your Dachshund Need?

Harnesses come in various shapes and sizes, offering many types of features. For dachshunds, you need to focus on the following features:

The Fit

Obviously, this refers to how snugly the harness fits around your dachshund’s torso. It shouldn’t be too tight, which means your dog will be uncomfortable. It shouldn’t be too loose, which would allow your pet to wriggle free and run amok.

A snug fit doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s no space between the harness and the pet dog’s skin. Generally speaking, the harness shouldn’t slide over your dog’s skin. It should fit like a glove.

How well the harness fits your dachshunds is determined by the measurements across the girth and chest. In some cases, neck measurements matter as well.

Therefore, before you shop, measure your dachshund’s torso area. Compare these measurements to specifications issues by a harness brand. Now you should be able to find your dog’s harness size by referring to the size table.

Padding (or Lack of It)

A padded harness includes a layer of sponge or fabric in the torso area. Dachshunds may benefit from padded harnesses because these evenly distribute the pressure from the leash without harming the dog.

Your dachshund may feel more comfortable and avoid chafing if there’s padding on the harness. Some fabrics used in dog harnesses, like nylon, can pull on fur, especially when it wet from sweat. Padding prevents this type of situation.


Harnesses are made from different types of material. The body is made from a fabric usually, and the securing mechanisms are likely to be made from plastic or metal.

You have the choice between nylon and polyester for most dog harnesses. Both materials are synthetic, known for long-lasting qualities. If your dachshund reacts to polyester with a lot of sweating, then you can consider switching to nylon.

In addition to the fabric, padded harnesses may have a layer of mesh or sponge inside. It depends on brands. The padding in some harnesses may prevent machine washing in some cases.

If the harness includes metal, like clips, they should be coated to prevent corrosion. Plastic claps are better if rusting is an issue for you.


Don’t simply buy a dog harness that you can’t adjust. The dachshund harness absolutely must be adjustable from the chest area. It’s ideal if you can adjust the harness fit around the neck as well.

Brands offer different types of adjustability options. Some harnesses are adjustable by Velcro straps, other by buckles, and most by using clips.

Velcro is naturally the most convenient securing option. But buckles or clips pose less of a risk of a clasp coming free if the dog struggles in the harness.

Features Worth Spending Money on

In addition to the above specifications, dog harnesses may offer additional features. For example, some harnesses are weather resistant. That means the fabric can withstand some level of rain or snow.

When shopping, it’s important to spend money on features that you need, rather than gimmicks that don’t offer much. Here are some extra perks to look for when purchasing a dachshund harness:

  • No-pull design that minimizes the risk of pulling
  • Mesh material that won’t absorb water
  • Easy-snap clips are more convenient compared to buckles and belts
  • Reflective straps increase safety when walking under low-light conditions
  • High-quality material, like 100 percent polyester without mixed in fabrics

Useful Buying Tips

Refer to the below tips to prevent common mistakes when purchasing a dachshund harness:

Measure Your Dog—You must have your doggo’s harness measurements at hand when shopping for products. Don’t go by the size on the package. Sizes are not standardized so it can widely differ between different brands. Therefore, always go by the measurements alone.

Pay Attention to the Measuring Unit—The little details matter. Look at the mathematical units the measurements are given it. It would clear out any confusion as brands may either use metric or imperial systems.

Look for a Refund Policy—You should be able to return the harness of it doesn’t fit your dog. Good sellers would replace the harness if it doesn’t fit as you thought it would.

Best Harness for Dachshund Reviews

Here are the best-ranked suggestions for dachshund dog harnesses:

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The Puppia harness has an open neck and a quick-release buckle that secures under the dog’s tummy. The product is clearly made for small dogs, as all the sizes are on the small side.

The harness is available in sizes ranging from extra small to double-X large. Be aware that the sizes are not standardized at all. You must measure your dachshund to make sure the size you purchase fits.

The harness simply pulls over a dog’s head. The neck opening doesn’t have Velcro adjustments. So for some dogs, it might feel a bit loose. The manufacturer strongly recommends measuring your dog’s collar area to ensure that the neck opening is suited.

The harness is made from 100-percent polyester. The material is completely washable, but the brand recommends hand washing and air drying.

Polyester sometimes causes excessive sweating in dogs. But this harness has a soft, mesh padding to allow breathability. The harness material is water repellant, so it won’t get soaked in the rain. The harness has a wider design, too, so the dog walker has a lot of control.

Overall, the specs indicate that this dachshund harness is well-made. It uses lightweight plastic buckles of the same kind mountaineers use. These buckles are durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. The D-rings in the harness are double coated to minimize corrosion, humidity damage, and repel dirt.

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The Rabbitgoo harness promises no-pull, easy control options for concerned owners of small to medium sized dogs like dachshunds. It’s available in sizes from small to extra large. Sadly, only one color—black—is available.

If your dachshund is a puller, this harness might suit you well. It’s quite sturdily built with more straps and locks than usual. The harness is secured with old-fashioned, big buckles, and not Velcro, promising a better than average fit.

The harness has two metal R-rings, and four neck straps and chest straps. There are two clips, one in the back and another in the front. The front clip prevents pulling. The back clip secures the harness in place.

What’s really interesting about this harness is that there are adjustable straps. The side straps can be adjusted to get a good fit considering your pet’s chest size.

The harness is made from soft and breathable material to minimize sweating. It has a good amount of padding underneath to keep the pet comfortable.

Most small dog harnesses are not big on the study and strong side. Dachshunds are rarely fast runners. But in case your dog is, this harness can deliver strength similar to products designed for active dogs like German Shepherds.

There are other little quirks thrown in as well. For example, the straps are reflective. It’s a useful safety feature to have for night walks and jogs.

While the overall harness is quite long-lasting, beware of the straps. These are made from a softer material that will fray with use.

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This dog harness has got everything from the get-go: durable construction, padding, and top-notch security. It may suit your dachshund who might not tolerate other vest material well.

The harness is made from a “super plush mesh” as the manufacturer describes it. The soft and well-padded material minimizes pinching. That’s a great advantage to consider given that dachshund harnesses tend to be small and someone constricting.

The harness is designed in a manner that’s easy to place on a dog. Owners of fussy dogs would most likely benefit from this perk. The harness is surprisingly adjustable thanks to the many Velcro closures. You can adjust the harness from the sides to exactly match your dog’s size.

A Velcro closure is not without its disadvantages, of course. Velcro is less secure than buckles. A fidgety and energetic dog just might be able to wriggle out of one of these. That is not to say the straps don’t secure well. The wide Velcro enclosures are designed to contain an excited pet.

The brand purports an “all weather” tag for this harness. It’s not completely weatherproof. But, it can withstand a certain amount of rain and snow. You won’t need to buy several different harnesses for different seasons.

It should be noted that this harness is quite affordable as well. It’s reliable and budget-friendly to appeal to dachshund owners looking for a quality product that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg.

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The Sporn harness is significantly spacious for a product made for small and medium-sized dogs. If you have a barrel-chested dachshund that won’t comfortably fit into a standard small or medium harness, this one might work.

The Sporn harness is made from nylon mesh, not polyester like most other harnesses. The mesh is supported by nickel-plated hardware. The metal provides durability and all-weather resistance, as the brand claims.

The harness has a lot of elastic running through the body. The idea is to give the owner a lot of control, without hurting the dog. The elastic also makes the harness match the dachshund’s natural movements.

The adjustable harness could be the best chance you have to get a glove-like fit. It’s elastic so it’s quite easy to put on a fidgety dog.

Though the body of the harness is really fluffy and comfortable to wear, like a bedspread, the edges of the harness is sometimes a bit rough. You may find some rough spots in this harness. However, it shouldn’t pinch your dachshund, unless the fit is wrong.

This harness lacks body compared to other products. It’s mostly strappy. This looks great when walking outside on hot days. But the straps could potentially rub against your dog.

Other than the occasional rough spot, this has great potential to be a harness your dog actually likes. The price tag isn’t bad either.

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This harness is not specially designed for dachshunds, but it comes with straps for a variety of chest sizes. Owners of wide-chested pets would be happy to learn that this harness is adjustable between 17 and 22 inches. Choose the right strap size for a good fit as the brand promises.

The dog harness is filled with sponge, not mesh, to feel comfortable on your dog’s skin. This is another harness designed for pullers. It does have a design feature to justify this claim. The harness doesn’t exert any type of stress on the dog’s neck. It aims to allow the owner to pull back the pet without risking choking.

This is an easy-clip harness. That means you don’t have to bother getting your dachshund’s legs and arms through the holes. You can wrap it around the body and safely secure the harness using clips.

Don’t expect this product to offer any weather-proof perks. The sponge will get wet in the rain. It’s not machine-washable either. This harness would require some care for optimal performance in the long run.

The brand offers a size chart and it’s recommended to strictly stick to it. The sizing is slightly off from standard sizes. So look at the numbers, not the size, when purchasing this harness.

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Most dachshund harnesses offer various special perks, like no pull or weather resistant. This harness for dachshund focuses on being easy to put on and take off your dog. It sports a very simplistic design with a single strap. Owners who don’t want to mess with various clips, buckles, or Velcro, might prefer this method.

The brand instructs dog owners to slip your pet’s front paws down the leg holes. There’s only one strap with a quick-release grip. You can adjust the strap to match your dog’s girth and secure the harness. Then attach the leash and go.

On top of being easy to use, the harness is quite lightweight, even the padding. It weighs only about two ounces as the manufacturer specifies. The harness is made for small dogs, so finding the right size should be easy.

The harness should fit a dachshund with a chest size between 15 and 17 inches. But be careful when choosing harness sizes. There’s a big difference between the extra small and small sizes.


It can be hard to choose dachshund harnesses because the benefits offered are rather similar in all the products. However, the clear winner from the above list is the Puppia harness.

It covers all the necessary bases at a reasonable price tag. The harness is easy to put on and offers multiple sizes for owner’s to choose the snuggest fit. The adjustments combine Velcro straps and buckles for secure fitting. And it’s even machine-washable.

Of course, another product on the above list may suit your dachshund better. Refer to the points given to choose the best harness for your dachshund. Find a good fit and a pull-safe option so both you and your dachshund will be happy with the purchase.

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