Dog Proof Litter Box – Keep Your Dogs Away From Cat Poop!

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Best Dog Proof Litter Box

Having both pups and kitties in the same household can be a wonderful thing. It means that you get to enjoy twice the number of cuteness and fun. However, as a pet parent, you may quickly come to realize that there can also be a downside. This, of course, is that your pooch keeps getting into the cat litter.

As you can imagine, this behavior can be rather alarming to pet parents but is actually quite natural for dogs. That being said, you can’t let it contain either. This is because eating litter can be harmful to your pup and can be off-putting for your cat.

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Most people have found that purchasing a dog proof litter box is often the best way to put an end to such behavior. If this isn’t a term that you are too familiar with, you may be confused about how to proceed. Well, there’s no need to worry.

The following guide will show you what elements you need to look out for in the best dog proof litter box. It will also provide you with a list of suitable litter boxes that are sure to serve you well. So, let’s get started!

Dog Proof Litter Boxes

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The Importance of Covered Litter Boxes

Perhaps the first thing you should know about choosing a dog proof litter box is that it has to be covered. After all, this is the only real way that you can keep your pup out of this area. As the name suggests, a covered litter box has high walls and a hood or a covering.

Some pet parents may be hesitant to turn to such a litter box, especially if your kitties have never actually used one before. You will be pleased to know, though, that there has been some research conducted on this topic.

Researchers found that most cats will use a covered litter box without any issue at all. So, you shouldn’t feel stressed out about making the switch. You should, however, make sure that the litter box is clean as it possibly can be to encourage your kitty to use it.

The Opening

All hooded and covered litter boxes have openings in which your kitty can enter and exit through. Of course, since you are looking for a dog proof litter box, you will need to examine this opening a little more closely. In short, you need to make sure that your pooch can’t get through.

Now, if you have a relatively large dog, then even covered litter boxes with swinging doors should be enough to keep them out. Smaller dogs, on the other hand, may still manage to wiggle through. Here, you should focus on litter boxes with openings on the top, where only cats will be able to climb up.

Ease of Access

Obviously, the door needs to be suitable for your kitty as well, otherwise, they won’t use the litter box. So, make certain that your cat is able to climb in and out of the box without issue. If you have a kitten, check that the opening is low enough for them to reach. The same rule can be applied for older cats who may not be able to jump as well.

Litter Box Size

With the litter box size, bigger is always better. Most cats are more comfortable with having a larger box to move around in and a dog proof litter box should be no exception. So, just what size is right for your kitty?

Well, for the most part, the size of the litter box will depend on the size of your cat. As a rule of thumb, though, look for a box that is at least 1.5 times of your kitty. This will ensure that they have plenty of space, particularly when it comes to hooded litter boxes.

Litter Box Height

Now, with covered litter boxes, there is another dimension to consider – height. Just as with the width, your cat should be able to comfortably sit up straight while using his or her litter box. So, it may be a good idea to measure your cat’s height beforehand. You can then compare this to the height mentioned with the product.


Even with all of the preventative steps that you have taken with litter boxes, your pooch is still going to try to get to your cat’s litter. This is why a box made from durable materials can come in handy. These tougher litter boxes will go a long way in making sure that your pup can’t get through.

The Best Dog Proof Litter Box

In this section, you will be able to find which dog proof litter boxes live up to their claims!

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Although this may be a rather unusual looking litter box, you will be pleased to know that it does the job. Due to the top-opening design of the box, your pooch is going to find it quite difficult to get into. The height ensures that smaller dogs will have a tough time getting up there as well.

On the other hand, the opening is just big enough for even your largest kitty. Your cat should have no trouble maneuvering themselves into the litter box. The high sides mean that full grown adults can sit comfortably and in any position that they want.

An interesting additional feature of this litter box is the grooved lid. This isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it also has a purpose. See, when your kitty climbs out, any litter stuck to their paws is then transferred to the grooves. As a result, your cat is less likely to track litter all throughout your house.

The only minor issue with this litter box is that the design can make it a little tricky to scoop around the edges. You may find yourself struggling a bit as the slick surface can make it difficult for you to get a good grip.

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Even the most determined doggy might find it quite tricky to get into this litter box! For one thing, the opening is all the way at the top, making it unreachable for smaller pups. Larger dogs, on the other hand, will find that their snouts will not fit very far into the litter box. So, it is a win-win situation on all sides.

The deep litter box doesn’t just do an excellent job of protecting your kitty’s privacy. It also works to ensure that all cats are able to easily sit up once they are inside the box. This keeps them a lot more comfortable while they are using the box as well.

The entry (and exit) point of the litter box works well for most kitties. It is large enough for cats of all sizes to quickly get in and out of the box. The only real issue with this opening is regarding the lid. See, it has small holes on top to catch litter once your kitty is finished using the box.

Now, this feature is great. What isn’t as good, though, is the fact that this lid is hinged. Therefore, whenever you open it, it dumps litter onto the floor. So, you will need to place something on the ground to catch this excess litter.

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This litter box is sure to become the “favorite” of any cat that does use it. This is largely because it has been designed in a way that most kitties will find it easy to get in and out of, without too much hassle. Even cats that aren’t used to covered litter boxes may become used to this more easily.

Of course, the real highlight of this box is that it does exactly what it is meant to do. The high sides, covered top, and high opening ensure that all of your pup’s attempts will be thwarted. Therefore you can be certain that your cat’s litter box will remain undisturbed.

If you look closely, the top of the litter box is actually textured. This added grip works to trap any litter that may be stuck onto your kitty’s paws. Therefore, you may find that your kitty makes a lot less mess when using this particular box.

The only element to really complain about are the snaps that lock the upper and bottom portion into place. They can be rather tricky to work so when you are trying to replace the lid, you may have to make a bit of an effort.

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If a top-opening option isn’t right for your cat, then this hooded litter box with a swinging door is bound to be. For one thing, it is a lot easier for kittens and older cats to get in and out of. So, in case your kitty has any limitations, this box should accommodate them.

Even though the design is different, this box is still excellent at keeping your pooch at bay. The door ensures that even the smallest pup will not be able to really get his or head into the litter box. So, your kitty’s litter and privacy will be well-protected.

There is also just enough space in the box to be suitable for most felines. As such, this box will be good for both younger and adult cats. As an added bonus, the box is made from odor-resistant and stain-resistant material. So, you will discover that clean-up will be an absolute breeze.

One complaint that you may have with this litter box, though, involves the rounded sides of the container. These curved edges can make it difficult to get your scooper right into the sides. Therefore, cleaning out the litter box may be a tad bit tricky.

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If you are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing litter box, then this Modkat litter box will fit your needs perfectly. It is as close to a work of art as a cat’s litter box can get. So, you can keep this box in full view in your home and not have to worry about it.

The reason that this litter box is dog proof is that the opening has been designed to only let kitties in. Therefore, there’s no need to worry that your pooch is going to get anywhere near the litter. Another great feature is the lid that works to trap any litter that your kitty may be carrying on his or her paws.

The lid is excellent in one other aspect – it swivels. Now, this doesn’t just make the litter box a lot easier to clean. The swivel lid also ensures that any sand that ends up on the lid can be easily and neatly tipped back inside. As a result, there is less cleanup for you to do.

Now, this litter box comes with a replaceable liner that is supposed to last you around three months. The only issue, though, is that your kitty will find it fairly easy to pull down this liner, allowing dirt and debris to get stuck here.

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If you have a pooch that is rather insistent about getting into your kitty’s litter box, then this may just be the solution for you. The fact that this is a top entry box does quite a bit in keeping your pooch at bay. However, add in the fact that the lid can be sealed up tight and not even knocking the litter box will work.

This advantage can also be a bit of a downside when you are trying to clean out the litter box. You may find yourself wrestling with the lid while trying to dislodge it. However, the lid can be fully removed to provide you with full access to the litter.

One of the saving graces of the lid is that it has a textured, grid-like top. This is so that any litter that is still stuck onto your kitty’s paw will be dislodged by the lid. So, you will be able to notice that there is a great deal less tracking going on.

Another perk is that the entryway is big enough for most household cats. So, as long as your kitty is able, they will get in and out without an issue. To top this off, the litter box is also quite sizable. Therefore, cats of all ages and sizes will fit.

In the end, it is the IRIS litter box that wins out among all of these excellent litter boxes. It has been designed to create an ideal environment for cats while simultaneously keeping dogs at bay. To add to this, it is also very pleasing to look at, making it suitable for all households. While cleaning out this litter box may not be the easiest thing, all of the other features override this minor issue.

Now you are aware of what the best dog proof litter boxes are. If you want to go looking for your own litter box, you can use the helpful guidelines mentioned in this article. Either way, you are all set.

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