Adopting a Stray Cat Advice

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Adopting a Stray Cat Advice

Cats are amazing pets and there are so many out there without an owner so here is our  adopting a stray cat advice. If you decide to become the adoptive parent of a stray cat then there are some things that you have to take care of to ensure them the best home and safety should be your main concern.

Preparing For Adoption

A vet should be included in the first steps you take when adopting since you have to make sure that the cat is healthy. There are communicable diseases that can harm your other pets or you and you must know how to treat them as well as determine any special needs that the cat might have.

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The vaccinations against rabies and others should all be in order, so take care of that too if you found the cat on the street and aren’t sure if they had the vaccines or not. Spaying or neutering should also be taken care of in this step if you decide that it is an option.

Adopting a Stray Cat Advice

Before bringing a new pet into your home make sure you have the proper conditions to house them. A cat needs food, fresh water and a litter box so have those prepared and the vet could also recommend the best choice of food if you aren’t sure. A blanket will be useful to since cats like warmth and also toys will help them accommodate faster.

Put the cat’s things in a room that is quieter since that will make them feel safer and if you have other pets you might want to keep them separated at first.


There are special carriers for cats and although they aren’t exactly comfortable they are still the best option for transporting a cat. If they have never been in one before then it might be a scary experience for them and it is important to get them gradually accustomed to this, not all at once. Scared cats tend to run away or injure someone with their claws so it is better to get them used to this in several steps.

Place their food in a carrier for a few days before the actual movement as they will grow more comfortable with this and maybe even take them on short walks around the place to see how they react. During the day of the movement it is better to only give them food once you arrive if the trip isn’t longer than a few hours.

Adopting a Stray Cat Advice

A New Family Member

It might be tempting to try to pet the new cat as much as possible but you will need to gain their trust first and this is done over a period of time. Let the cat come to you instead of bothering them since cats are really sensitive.

The new house should be explored by them gradually, allow them to get comfortable in a single room at first and only after a few days give them access to the rest of the home. Cats are curious but they also like to feel at home and it will take some time to consider the new place their own territory. If you have other pets you can introduce them after the new member is already settled and maybe just get them to grow accustomed to the other’s scent by using a sock with which you pet both of them.

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